Take This Quiz And Tell Us How Well Do You Know Bipasha Basu

Published -07 Jan 2020, 13:16 ISTUpdated -07 Jan 2022, 12:26 IST
quiz for bipasha basu

Bipasha Basu turns a year older today. And to mark her 41st birthday, we bring you 10 questions about her. So, if you consider yourself her biggest fan, prove it to us by acing this quiz.

bipasha basu quiz one

In which year Bipasha Basu was born?

bipasha basu quiz two

Bipasha made her Bollywood debut with which film?

bipasha basu quiz four

What is Bipasha’s character’s name in Race movie?

bipasha basu quiz marraige

When did Bipasha get married?

bipasha basu quiz five

For which movie did she win Global Indian Film Awards for Best Actress?

bipasha basu quiz three

What's her sun sign?

bipasha basu quiz movies

In which movie did she work with her husband, Karan Grover Singh?

bipasha basu quiz seven

Which one of following is her upcoming movie?

bipasha basu ten

In which songs was she paired with Sonu Nigam?