Whether if you are buying a new house or planning to renovate the old one, home décor is something you would never want to go wrong with. Home decoration requires time and energy, and putting effort into something which is not even in the trend can disappoint you. Just like fashion, home décor styles to evolve. You can’t afford to renovate your home every year, but keeping a style idea that is close to popular designs will make the difference. Take a look at these popular home décor ideas that are ruling 2021.

Comfort Over Everything

comfort decor

The year 2020 has been quite difficult for everyone because of the pandemic and the lockdown. The year 2020 was spent mostly staying at home so the trend of having comfortable cushioning and furniture will continue for a long. The pandemic also made us work from home for a quite long time because we can’t step out of the house. The year 2021 too saw this trend evolving, and people are shifting towards having more formal yet comfortable space at home.

Colourful Wall Art Or Paintings

colourful home decor

This particular style is dominating the year 2021, people have started using colourful wall art made by them, or bought from the market. The walls of the house this year are mostly filled with vibrant paintings that can instantly uplift the mood of any visitor.  Gone are the days when the neutral wall shades were all the rage and people had their inhibitions using bold dark colours for the walls. Now, it is all about experimenting with different colours on every corner and entire walls.

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Lighter Woods


The year 2021 also saw a change in the choice of wooden colours in the house. Earlier, it was all about choosing bold dark shades for the wooden work, but now people are switching to more neutral tones. The lighter wooden tone gives you the space to experiment with the furniture and wall art, which can be in bold colours. The lighter tones are especially loved by the ones who like having minimalist vibes around them.

Whether you like Scandinavian or rustic design, when it’s time to choose the furniture for the house always go for the contrasting shade as opposed to light wooden work.

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Grandmillennial Style

granny style home decor

This design is all about using floral prints on the walls. It is a perfect combination of modern décor meeting the old granny style. This particular style is taking over the home décor designs, and the best part about it is that it’s very appealing to the eyes of the visitor. The grandmillennial style is also a very affordable option in home décor designs. If you are someone who loves traditional designs to soothe the soul, then this design is going to provide you that comfort.

To add more elements to this style you can opt for some antique, rustic, and peppy accessories in the house such as ruffle curtains or antique showpieces easily available at the flea markets.

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