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Mother's Day 2022: History, Significance & Importance

Mother's Day is a day dedicated to celebrating and honouring mothers and motherhood.
Published -04 May 2022, 13:09 ISTUpdated -04 May 2022, 13:22 IST
history and significance of mothers day

The role of a mother in the lives of her children is huge. Children have a special bond that begins the day they see their mothers for the first time and lasts forever. From the early days of our lives, even when we get hurt, the first word most of us scream is 'Maa'. Even when we were still in school, the first person we wanted to see when we got home was our mothers. Our eyes began to search for her when they were out of our sight. 

From happy moments to sad days, mum's are always there for us with their unconditional love. She is a favourite parent for some, a best friend, an inspiration for others, and many more roles she plays in people's lives. She deserves to be valued and appreciated 365 days a year for all of these reasons. To honour and celebrate mothers, a special day is dedicated to her- 'Mother's Day'. The day, though, is much more than that. Look over to learn about the history, significance and importance of this special day: Mother's Day.

History Of Mother's Day

unknown facts about mothers day

Mother's Day was first observed in the United States in 1908, when a woman called Anna Jarvis wished to establish Mother's Day as a recognised holiday to honour her mother, Ann Reese Jarvis, who fought for peace and worker's health and safety. She had passed away three years before. Anna had a memorial for her mother in West Virginia's St. Andrews Methodist Church, which is today known as the International Mother's Day Shrine. 

Anna Jarvis wanted to honour her mother. She believed that a mother is “the person who has done more for you than anyone else in the world”.

Why Is Mother's Day Celebrated On The Second Sunday Of May?

Mother's Day will be celebrated on May 8 this year. The day does not have a set date, but every year it falls on the second Sunday in May.

Within five years of Anna's mother's memorial, nearly every state had started to observe the day. During the American Civil War, Anna founded the Mother's Day Club, which addresses health issues for wounded soldiers.

In 1914, U.S Former President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation declaring the second Sunday in May as a national holiday to be observed as Mother's Day.

While some countries adopted the date and concept like the U.S to celebrate Mother's Day, other countries like the United Kingdom, and Greece celebrate the day on different dates. 

Some other countries including Russia celebrate Mother's Day and International Women’s Day together.

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Importance Of Mother's Day

Importance of  Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a significant day celebrated all around the world. It is celebrated to honour the importance of mothers in our lives. Every year, it is celebrated at different times around the world.

On this day, people all across the world honour their mothers by surprising them with gifts, taking them on a fun trip, or doing something special for them.

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Significance Of Mother's Day

Mothers Day Celebrations

Mother’s Day is a celebration for mothers all over the world. The day serves as a reminder to appreciate mothers and do something special for them. On this day, you can do a lot for your mother to make her realise how important she is in your life. You can spend quality time with her, cook for her, and do whatever you think will make her happy.

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Make sure you make your special woman feel special on this special day. 

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