Having plants at home elevates the over-all atmosphere of the space. It makes everything more positive and refreshing. However, something that makes the positivity immediately plummet is dead plants spooking the corners of the house. At a personal level as well, if you are responsible for taking care of your plants and they start to whither it creates an instant sense of panic. To avert this panic, here are a few gardening tips and tricks that you wish you knew before!

Rice Water

rice wate one

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We have often heard that rice water works wonders for hair. Ever heard about its benefit for your plants? Rice water can be used as an organic fertiliser for the plants. It consists of a bacterium called the Lacto Bacilli which works to strengthen the roots of the plant. Along with that it works its magic in killing the pests that the plant has caught. Who knew something as simple as rice water can be this useful?

De-Cluster Your Plants

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When it comes to do’s and don’ts of gardening a total ‘don’t’ is clustering too many plants in one pot(by too many, we mean any number over one). If you have been doing this then undo it right now and see the difference. The logic here is very simple. Having too many plants in one area makes them fight for the nutrients of the soil, the water you provide and the fertilisers. This fight for survival leads to the survival of the fittest and death of all the other plants. Sounds scary? Well then what are you waiting for? Go de-cluster them right away.

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If after following all the steps judiciously your plant is still showing no signs of growth, then it’s the soil you should look at. The quality of soil is very essential for the health of the plant. For soil to be nutrient rich for the plants, it is important to feed the soil with healthy compost and water. Along with that, make sure your soil is not tight as that will not allow the roots to grow and the circulation of other nutrients. You can plough your soil once a while to bring fresh nutrients on the top.

Onion Skins

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Before you twitch your nose in disgust, read the benefits. When it comes to best gardening tips at home, onion skins top the list. Onion makes a great potassium rich fertiliser which works miraculously especially for the roses. Using onions to make pesticides at least twice a week will kill those white sticky elements you see on your plants, the whiteflies. Now we do acknowledge that onions have an odour we don’t want to inhale especially in the garden, thus if you use onions in your compost, bury the compost a little deep in the compost.

Watering The Plants

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While it may seem that the more water you offer the more the plants will grow, the truth remains that this is a myth. Every plant has a different water requirement. Will some will need water on a daily basis, some in four days. Mixing this up will cause the plant to eventually die. It is best that before you purchase a plant you inquire the gardener about the water content. Apart from this, ensure that you do not pour water on the leaves of the plants as this may attract insects. To clean the leaves, gently spray the leaves, that too when they get too dirty. Don’t make this is practice.

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