Indian weddings are no less than festivals for us. They are colourful, vibrant, full of people, and they last for no less than a week. The coming together of two souls, family, and the legal bonding of them all is what marriages are done for. However, we Indians never lose a race where we have to go over the top and so, sometimes we do end up messing things up.

If you look at it in a positive way the mess also makes us happy and so, we are here to celebrate the glorious mess we often come across at Indian weddings. Below are some of the most hilarious, rib-tickling, and interesting wedding bloopers that you should surely check out right now!

Groom Wore An Abnormally Long Sehra

funny wedding fails

We know that wedding outfits and looks are extremely important for women of today but now even men have become super cautious about their style and the looks they will carry and that is why they have started giving fair thought to their wedding looks like the ladies. 

A traditional look for a groom is comprised of a sherwani, and a shehra, which is a headdress that covers the face of the groom is made of small garlands but this groom from the viral video perhaps took it too far. The groom in the video can be seen settling his sehra that has adorned him from top to toe.

Watch the video below:

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Couple Angrily Throw Garlands At Each Other

funny wedding fails

You would be aware of the ‘Varmala’ ceremony in which the bride and groom exchange the garlands and accept each other. But the couple from the below-giving wedding video didn’t really seem like they were willing to accept the marriage ad so starting with the bride, who threw the garland over the groom’s neck and almost broke it in an attempt to remove and detangle it from the groom’s turban. 

Moreover, similarly, the groom is also seen throwing the garland over the bride which slides down her shoulders. This video is for those who say ‘Love may happen after marriage too’

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Groom Goes Smitten Over Bride

funny wedding fails

We all go gaga over the video that has the groom shedding tears after seeing his bride approaching him. But like we said, we Indians can take anything and everything a notch higher. This groom got so captivated by his bride’s beauty that he started clicking her pictures himself. 

The video of the groom went viral where the Marathi couple can be seen feeling super happy about each other and given the burst of his emotions, the groom decides to take the camera from the photographer and click the pictures of his super beautiful bride on his own.

Watch the video here :

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Photographer Takes A Dip While Capturing Newly Wedded Couple

funny wedding fails

If you think being a wedding photographer is an easy job then let us tell you otherwise. The responsibility of capturing every moment and that too beautifully lies on your shoulders and given the pressure sometimes there are a few hiccups. But this photographer from a viral video perhaps got too indulged in the couple that he missed an entire swimming pool behind him. The photographer fell into the pool while clicking pictures of the couple. But using his quick reflexes he did manage to keep his camera safe and come out of the pool immediately.

Watch the video below:

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Which of the bloopers did you find interesting? Comment down below and let us know. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces