Let’s Find Out How Much Do You Know About Indian Weddings & Its Rituals

about indian weddings and its rituals

Do you love extravagant Indian weddings and its various rituals? If yes, let’s find out if you know all about them with the help of this simple but tricky quiz!

According to the

According to the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act of 2006, what is the legal age to tie the knot for a woman?


While taking the saatpheras, what does the couple pray for in the first one?

daughter voluntarily holding

During the Hindu marriage, a ritual is performed, wherein the father gives away his daughter voluntarily holding hands near the fire to signify union. What is that ceremony called?

Punjabi brides tie

Why do friends and sisters of Punjabi brides tie golden or silver kalire in her kadas?

vivah sanskar

In North India, the wedding proceedings are generally termed as vivah sanskar. What it is called in South India?

pheras are there

How many pheras are there in a Sikh wedding?

Garhwali brides

Why Garhwali brides don big nose rings called nathuli or the Garhwali nath?


Why Gujrati mother-in-law catches the nose of her son-in-law as a ritual during marriage?