With so much stress going on in our lives, many individuals have started leaning on spirituality and it has indeed helped them out. Taking Feng Shui into consideration, in case you are new to it, there are a few tips that will help you out and are easy to follow as well. 

When it comes to your home, there are few things which must be kept in mind to practice Feng Shui and balance out everything, welcoming all positive vibes. 

Colours In The House

There are several colours and elements related to them that must be present in your home. 


gold feng shui

Gold stands for abundance, money and wealth so place objects around in golden hues. 


yellow feng shui

This colour is bright and happy and attracts all the positive vibes of happiness and pleasantness. 


red feng shui

The colour stands for joy, sexual desire, excitement and power. Your living space must have red accents. 


This is super calming, relaxing and healing and perfect for a bedroom. 

Symbols In Feng Shui

It is not just colours but certain symbols as well which are important to Feng Shui. Invest in the ones that resonate with you. 


If you’re single, butterflies will attract suitors and give you the freedom to choose. Those who already have a partner will enhance devotion and commitment. 

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Koi Fish

koi fish feng shui

This species of fish attracts power and energy in your life. They swim against the current and bring in prosperity. 


This is an ancient symbol of abundance. It brings in bounty and is all about the deeper connection in your life. 

Feng Shui Tips For Positivity

  • Always place a sofa against the wall and in a location where no one will bump into it. 
  • Use images and shapes in the interior designing where you involve all 5 elements- circles stand for metal, the triangle stands for fire, square means Earth, wood means rectangles.

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bamboo plant feng shui

  • Grow a bamboo plant and it would be best if a friend gifts it to you. It is all about wise energy and peace. If not a plant, a picture as well would work. 
  • Never place a mirror opposite the entrance of your house. The reflection may scare off the good luck as per beliefs. 


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