Are you taking care of your plants the same way as people take care of their new pets or babies? If you answered yes, you are a plant parent. As a plant parent, it is your responsibility to look after your plants and keep them healthy. Healthy plants look greener, improves the air quality and brings a lot of positivity. Some even find it to be a stress reliever.

To keep the plants healthy and in a good state, every gardener or plant parent comes up with creative ideas. They make every effort to keep them alive and happy, but occasionally they are unable to do so owing to a variety of factors. But fret no more, we are here with a list of gardening hacks that will help you with your gardening.

1. DIY Watering Plant

diy watering plant


This technique is especially useful for people who are soon travelling or who are too preoccupied with their work to water their plants on time.

Some plants need to be watered on a regular basis, and if they don't, they won't be able to survive for long. But, because we realise how busy your life is, we've a hack for you. For this you need a long cotton rope and a large water container. 

Cut a long piece of cotton rope to fit between the bottom of your water container and the soil of your plant. Push one end of the rope below the soil's surface, near the plant. Make sure the roots aren't disturbed. Now, fill your water container halfway with water and place the other end of the rope in its bottom. Make sure the rope touches the container's bottom. The cotton rope will gradually wick water from the container into the pot, keeping the soil moist at all times.

2. Use Aloe Vera As A Root Starter

aloe vera plant

Aloe Vera is a fantastic root starter. You can either cut a thick piece of the plant or use fresh aloe gel from the inside of the leaves. After that, lay the stem of the plant you want to plant in the aloe and put it with the potting soil. Water should be sprayed frequently as needed. This rooting agent protects the plant against fungus and bacteria while also increasing its chances of a healthy growth.

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3. Eggshells As Seed Starters


Save a few eggshells as they make excellent seed starters. To use them as seed starters, clean and dry the shells. Scoop some potting soil into the container, then add the seeds and cover it with a little more soil. Place the eggshells near the sun and keep watering them as needed. To transfer the germinated seed, gently crush the shell with fingers and plant it with the seeds. The eggshell will degrade in the soil, providing your seedling with additional nutrients.

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4. Cinnamon Are Natural Pest Control

cinnamon in plants

Cinnamon has excellent anti fungal properties. Cinnamon powder, when applied to plants in the soil, helps to keep pests at bay. It is a natural component that has no negative effects on the plant or its roots. Cinnamon might actually help to strengthen your roots. The cinnamon odour also keeps the insects from entering your home.

5. Use Diapers To Retain Moisture

diaper plant

If your toddler has outgrown and you have extra diapers at home, you can use it to provide moisture to your plants. 

Soak the diaper in water for some time, then tear it open and place the gel-like substance in a pot with the potting mix. Plant your seedlings in a pot with the gel mixture. This aids in the retention of moisture. As the plant absorbs moisture from the diaper's hydrogel, you can minimise the frequency of watering.

These tips will help you in keeping your plant healthy and happy!

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