Our planet Earth today is suffering a lot due to the growing population and the disrespect that we have for nature. Many feel that what we are suffering from today is nothing but karma of us all who have in some or the other way soiled the earth, water and air. Even if you have stopped using plastic, do you know that even the beauty products and everyday essentials that you use are equally harmful unless they are made from biodegradable packaging with eco-friendly ingredients?!

The shampoo, face wash, toothpaste etc that you use and wash off is nothing but chemicals unless you have made a conscious choice of buying organic or natural products. Many have also started reaching out for Ayurvedic products now especially the ones that come in eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging as well. 

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Mrs. Deepshikha Deshmukh, Founder of Love Organically told HerZindagi: "Ayurveda was discovered 5000 years ago in India and since then it has been used for various purposes. It has been a remedy for various health ailments and it also helps prevent illnesses by increasing circulation, detoxifying the lymphatic system, reducing inflammation, and energizing the body. The skin care is also based on the ancient medicines and has been used since time immemorial."

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"There are various benefits to ayurvedic products and its packaging. When you use eco-friendly, sustainable, chemical free products, it helps in balancing the Ph level of the soil but when you put harmful, toxic chemicals to the soil, it spoils the Ph balance and disrupts the entire system."

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Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Products For Your Skin

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Deshmukh also shared that using eco-friendly products is extremely important for the skin and health of the earth.

  • It is suitable to use such products for skin because skin being the largest part absorbs a lot of chemicals. So, the more natural, non-toxic chemicals that you put in the skin, the better your skin will breathe and look.
  • Sustainable bio-degradable packaging has been utilised by various retailers and e-tailers as it reduces the environmental footprint.
  • Avoid using plastic as much as possible because paper can go back into the soil and biodegrade but plastic will stay on for eons of years. When it goes into the water, it disrupts marine life. Similarly, when it goes into the soil, it disrupts the soil’s cycle.

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Hence it is extremely important to use eco-friendly packaging that is kind to mother nature and earth. The recurring climate changes have always made us realise why it is so important to take care of Mother Earth and emphasised how Earth is the only living planet and we must know that there is no planet B. Thus, by using environmentally friendly products and packaging, we can preserve our mother Earth for the upcoming generation by making it a better place to live in.

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