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    How To Make Social- Distance Friendly Diwali Special

    Here are some entertaining ways to celebrate your social-distancing-friendly Diwali.
    Published -22 Oct 2021, 15:38 ISTUpdated -22 Oct 2021, 17:30 IST
    diwali with social distance

    Diwali is around the corner and the excitement is way too high! However, the way to celebrate this day has changed since last year due to the COVID19 pandemic. It is now highly adviced to cover our mouths with mask when with people, maintain social distancing, keep sanitizing hands, etc to keep ourselves safe from the disease. But that does not mean we cannot have fun on this day. 

    Make the best out of this special day by following these ideas and make your social distancing friendly diwali special.

    1. Decorate Your House

    As this season is less about going out for parties, you can bring that special party to your house for yourself. Decorate your home with fairy lights and diyas. You can also look for some DIY crafts to make origami lanterns, diyas and more. If you live with family, get some family time. You can make rangoli together and plan out games such as antakshri, playing cards, tambola or dumb charades, which you can play together. Great decoration with memorable conversations will for sure dampen your festive spirit.

    2. Dress Up

    diwali dress

    Dress up in your festive attire even if you're not visiting anywhere. Take dozens of selfies and share them with your friends. Festivals are all about spreading joy, and taking photos in festive getup will make you feel wonderful, happy and festive.

    3. Drive By For Gifts

    Even though travelling out to friends' and loved ones' houses to offer gifts and spend quality time looks enticing, staying at a distance for a little longer is a wise decision. That does not rule out the possibility of exchanging gifts on that particular day. You can adopt the popular birthday drive-by concept for Diwali by borrowing the idea from the popular birthday drive-by concept. Send out an invitation along with a route that includes all of the proposed pit stops at the houses of your neighbours' friends and families. Greet your people at the front gate (while wearing your masks, of course) and present the gift.

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    4. Make Delicious Sweets

    Rather than buying sweets from outside, prepare delectable festival sweets at home this year. Even involve the kids and other family members in the process of preparing the delicious sweet treats. It can turn out to be a special bonding session for your family and will be for sure very interesting and fun thing to do which will also come with super yummy sweet treats.

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    5. Attend Digital  Parties

    digital parties

    Throw a digital party if your desire to party is too high. Assign designations to your buddies who will be attending with you from their devices. Make plans for games, dancing, and chit-chat. Basically, you'll be attending a party this year as well, although with a slight difference in distance.

    Let's celebrate this festival with special social distancing practices to be able to celebrate without virus in coming years.

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