Everyone loves to go for long expeditions with friends or family but often these long tours that were supposed to be exciting turns out to be boring and dull. The thrill and excitement for the trip only last till the time when you actually hit the road and perhaps for an hour longer but after that the road gets boring and there’s hardly any scenic view to capture. However, we all have been through the same situations so we have come up with a list of entertaining games that you can play on your journey to avoid any boredom and sluggishness.

While You Were Sleeping

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This is one of the most interesting games that you can play with your group or family which includes a person who always falls asleep on a journey. It needs to start with the person who is sleeping and the other people around need to weave a story that should sound believable. The group needs to wake up the person and narrate the planned story in such a way that the person trusts you. Everyone needs to add some part from themselves to extend the story and if someone breaks the character he/she loses a point. If you are successful with fooling the person you win and if the person who was sleeping catches your lie you lose.

Find The Words

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This classic game can never get boring that needs you to find out words starting from the alphabet A to z. This game is the most interesting if you are traveling with your friends and family on a bus or car as it will expand your options for finding out words. You can take help of roadside billboards, signs, and brand or restaurant names, and so on. You can play it by creating your own rules such as categorizing the words or playing in teams. The person who finds out the name with the alphabet A will tell them the next alphabet of which the other team needs to find out the word.

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Asking Did You Hear That?

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This game can be more fun especially when people believe in everything, in this game you will ask the other person ‘did you hear that?' regarding any situation, and if the person rightly guesses that it didn’t happen or anything of that sort took place he/she gets the point. However, if the other person incorrectly guesses about the situation you win, and in case he/she asks you to “tell more” then you get extra points because the person believed you and asked you more.

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The Cinephile Game

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If you and your fellow travelers love watching movies then this game is for you. In this game, you need to recognize the actor or the actress via their movies of which they have been a part of. The game will start with saying a name of an actor or actress and the other person will have to take the name in which the respective actor/actress starred. the game will carry forward by saying the name of another actor from the same movie and it continues.

We hope you will play these games on your next trip. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more.

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