It is believed by many, that kitchen is the source of good health and motivation for the entire home. And that's why, is it extremely important to understand the energies of your kitchen and channelise them to help us improve the positivity and ambiance inside. 

Vastu can help us with that. Vastu Shastra is the traditional study of architecture that originated in India. It deals with incorporating architecture with nature and is based on the beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism. It can help you improve the motivation and positivity of your house just by following the simple rules. Here are some vastu tips for your kitchen that you must definitely check out.

Essential Elements Of The Kitchen


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Vastu is based on the elements of the earth, and aligning the right elements is vital. Placing the water elements, such as washbasin in line with fire elements can be disruptive. Further, the placement of fire elements, such as stove, cylinder ideally, should be in the southeast direction of the house. In case your kitchen isn't placed in such a direction, you can use the northwest as an alternate for placing the fire elements.

As for the water elements such as water pipes, and washbasin the right placement is in the north or northeast. Also, to add to that, the placement of water and fire elements must never be opposite or parallel to each other as they are opposing elements and can result in fights between couples, or members of the family.

The Right Direction Of The Kitchen


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Our kitchen is one of the most important aspects of the house both, functionally and spiritually. More so for Indian households, as people pay a lot of attention to cooking and spend a major chunk of their time in the kitchen. Therefore, it is important to ensure that positivity prevails from all corners. Hence the direction of the kitchen is very significant to bring out the best in your house, it is ideally necessary to maintain a balance between the different elements, such as fire, water, air, earth, and sky. The kitchen should not be constructed in the north, northeast, or southwest as it can have a drastic effect on the relationships in the house and can potentially ruin them.

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Placement Of The Fridge And Food Storage

A lot of us place our refrigerators in the kitchen and that is how it should be. The refrigerator is a part of the kitchen tools and its placement is very important. It must be placed in the southwest direction as it helps in overcoming the hardships prevailing in your lives. The storage of grains and other raw food items must also be kept in mind. The right direction for storing food is also the southwest direction and storing food here will attract positivity, prosperity, and good luck (vastu tips for good luck).

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The Colour Of The Kitchen And Kitchen Slab


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Moving on, let's discuss the significance of colour of the kitchen and the slab. The kitchen as a whole represents the fire element. Therefore the best way to maintain the vastu balance is to go for bright colours such as yellow, orange, red, etc. Other colour options include pastel pink, cheerful yellow, light brown, peach, etc. For the slab and the cabinets of the kitchen, it is best to go for lemon yellow, orange, or shades of green. Lock in positivity inside your households and try these vastu tips to see positive results in your homes.

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