All those who are following Bigg Boss will agree when I say that we got to see a different side of Asim Riaz after Himanshi Khurana entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild card contestant. In the last few days, we have seen Asim giving all his attention to her, being very protective towards her. 

While all the housemates including Himanshi are aware of the fact that Asim has feelings for her, no one expected anything here as Himasnhi already shared that she is in a relationship.

However, looks like things are now changing for Himanshi. Recently, a video went up on the channel's Twitter account where Himanshi and Asim can be seen talking to each other in the garden area. 

In the video, Himanshi asks Asim if he too is playing a game with her just like other housemates. Asim then shares with her that he has true feelings for her.


So for Himanshi's birthday yesterday, Asim made kheer for her and wished her at 12. He complimented her too and Himanshi hugged and thanked him for such a sweet wish.


In one of the promos, Asim can also be seen cooking a heart-shaped paratha for Himanshi. Asim has always felt strongly for Himanshi and he never shied away from sharing it in front of everyone. In one episode, he was seen telling Shefali Jariwala that Himanshi is the most beautiful woman in the world. 

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We don't know what will happen next between the two. Meanwhile, the Twitterastis can't decide if they like this new bond. While some are really liking it, others aren't approving of it. 




Some viewers feel that Himanshi has completely changed Asim as a person. Others feel that Himanshi is making this fake love angle as they want to create a bond like Sidharth and Shehnaz.

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In a recent interview, Himanshi's mother talked about Himanshi and Asim. She said, "Asim is a very good boy. I think it is part of his game strategy, after all, it is a show for entertainment let's not forget that. Till last week we saw that Rashami and Sidharth were at loggerheads, but now they are pally with each other. It is a game show, I don't think anyone should take it seriously. Nobody knows the future, kal kaun kahan hoga kisko pata... It is for entertainment."

Is something really brewing between Asim and Himanshi or is it just close friendship. What's your take, share with us!