Actor Aahana Kumra Speaks On The State Of Working Women In India

By Tanya Malik12 Sep 2018, 15:05 IST

We claim to have come way forward than the times back when women were confined to the four walls of their homes. Today, working women are said to be standing equal to males, working together and gaining a better status and power than them. But is that actually the real picture? Even today, women face tons of struggles when they juggle between their work and family. Working women face a lot of problems during their work journey. Actor Aahana Kumar had a chat with us and she spoke about the struggles of working women.

It's An Unequal World 

A lot of people believe that we are living in an equal world when we are actually not! The real picture is a lot more different. Women have to fight very hard, they have to always struggle to prove a point. As far as working is concerned, women have to give in a lot more as compared to men. If a woman gets pregnant, she may lose a job.

Still No Change In The Status Of Women

The status of women in India has still not changed. A lot of people believe that it has but they face to see the real picture. Be it any society, women usually face inequality. There is still a long way to finally achieve equality. More women should be working and they should not give everything for their family. Women need to be a little selfish. When you work, your partner will respect you, your family will respect you!