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Our Gynae Answers 8 Masturbation Questions You Were Too Shy To Ask

Here are some masturbation-related questions answered by a gynaecologist that you are probably too shy to ask.
Published -20 Jul 2022, 19:04 ISTUpdated -21 Jul 2022, 08:40 IST
female masturbation questions answered

Masturbation is the art of self-pleasure by touching one's own body, which may or may not lead to orgasm. It's a beautiful thing you can do on your own, but a lot of rumors surround this topic. If you were probably too shy to verify from an expert, we have got you covered. Dr. Ila Jalote, a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology at Manipal Hospital in Gurugram, answers 8 questions you probably have wondered about masturbation. Take a look:

1. Is There Such A Thing As Excessive Masturbation?

excessive masturbation

There is no such thing as "too much masturbation". A person may masturbate based on their needs and desires. It is completely fine to even masturbate every day or twice a day. 

2. When Is Masturbation Unhealthy?

when is masturbation unhealthy

Masturbation is a healthy activity. As long as it doesn't interfere with your daily activities, and you aren't too addicted to it to the point where you are ignoring your other jobs and responsibilities, there is nothing wrong with it.

3. Does Masturbation Affect Virginity?

The idea of virginity is vague. If you define virginity as just having the hymen covering the introitus, then if you masturbate with your fingers, your virginity will still be intact. However, if you use any sex toys and place them in your vagina, you may break your hymen. But hymen can be broken by other physical activities also, such as cycling, swimming, riding a horse, etc.

In today's time, since we are attempting to move away from that mindset, we shouldn't even be talking about virginity.

4. Some Believe That ‘Masturbation Weakens Eyesight’. Is That True?

can masturbation weaken eyesihgt

No, there is no harm in masturbation. Masturbation has no side effects and rather it is a healthy thing to do. It also has many health benefits.

5. Is There A Right Age For Masturbation?

There is no right age for masturbation. People usually start masturbating when they start getting sexually aware of the body or get sexually active. It is completely normal when young children also do it because it's the age when they are exploring their bodies and finding out things about themselves.

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6. Can Masturbation Make The Vagina Less Sensitive?

No, masturbation doesn't affect your vagina in any way.

7. Can You Masturbate On Your Periods?

Yes, you can usually masturbate while having your period as long as you're clean and taking care of your period hygiene.

8. Can You Catch Infections When Masturbating?

Maintaining hygiene is very important during masturbation. If you maintain good hygiene and use clean fingers, vibrators, toys, or other sex objects, you won't catch any infections. So you just need to ensure that you are hygienic.

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