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6 Signs That Indicate You've A Crush On Your Friend

These 6 signs indicate your friendship is turning into something more.
Published -26 Jul 2022, 15:14 ISTUpdated -26 Jul 2022, 15:35 IST
signs you have crush on best friend

Having a crush on someone and not being aware of it can give us mixed feelings when we are around them. This is what some people refer to as "feeling butterflies in the stomach".

However, crushing over a friend can be a little difficult to identify because deciding whether you care for them because they are your friend or because of romantic feelings can be difficult. But we can help you figure out which one it is. You can choose whether to follow your feelings or take a different course once you’ve figured things out. These are the six signs that indicate you might have a crush on a friend:

1. You Get Excited Around Them

You Get Excited Around Them

One sign that you have a crush on your friend is that you prefer to have them close by all the time and as soon as they leave, you start missing them. If you find yourself becoming excited whenever they come around you, it can be a sign.

2.  You Notice Even Small Details About Them

You Notice Even Small Details About Them

It's common to notice changes in friends, but if you pay attention to even the smallest differences, such as a shift in their body mist or a subtle shift in mood, it may be a sign that you are keenly observing them at all times.

3. Physical Attraction

Physical Attraction towards friend

You are physically drawn to them, and every time they touch you, it makes you jittery. You might feel compelled to touch them more frequently as well. You may also be having a lot of sexual thoughts about them. If you notice these things, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a crush on them, but it could be one of the signs of a crush.

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4. You Value Their Opinion

If you often seek out your friends' opinions on matters that are important to you and you value their opinions more than those of other people, it could be a sign that you genuinely like them. This also often results in their likes and dislikes seeping into yours.

5. You Prioritise Them

Prioritise Them

Are they your first priority most of the time? Do you prioritise their comfort over that of others? If you answered yes to both the questions, then this is another sign of them being more special to you than others.

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6. You Don't Mind Doing Favours For Them

You don't think doing them favours or helping them out even in the biggest crisis would be a big deal to you. You also go out of your way to make them happy. Yes, if this is relatable, then this might be a sign.

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