Indians love samosas in their own different ways. Some of us love the stuffing inside, many of us like the out covering only with a little dip in the stiffing and chutney. But what if we can matty our good old sandwiches with the samosa, add a bit of a twist and enjoy it hot and piping with iced tea or milk tea as per preference. 

How To Make It

  • Just place the samosa coverings on the sandwich. 
  • Layer the veggies.
  • Add in some mayonnaise or cheese
  • Cover with another layer of the covering and close it with the other toasted slice. 
  • Serve.

Samosa Sandwich Recipe Card

This is a very easy recipe with a twist and tastes amazing with your favourite beverage.

Total Time :
15 min
Preparation Time :
10 min
Cooking Time :
5 min
Servings :
Cooking Level :
Kishori Sud


  • 4 Bread Slices
  • 2 Samosas
  • 1 Small Chopped Onion
  • 1 Small Chopped De-Seeded Green Chilli
  • 1 Large Chopped Boiled Potato
  • 1 Small Chopped Tomato
  • 1 Small Chopped Capsicum
  • Some Boiled Peas
  • A Sprinkle Of Roasted Ajwain
  • Salt To Taste
  • Mayonnaise/ Cheese As Per Taste
  • A Sprinkle Of Coriander Leaves


Step 1
Take a plate and lay down the slices of bread.
Step 2
Apply a little ghee if you want or a thin layer of mayo.
Step 3
Now place the samosa covering and then all the other ingredients in layers.
Step 4
Sprinkle some coriander leaves and close the sandwich with the other slice that has mayo.
Step 5
You can also add a layer of cheese in the middle or a layer of mayonnaise as per liking.
Step 6
Now, line the toaster with a little butter and place the sandwich inside.
Step 7
Toast it for a minute or two depending upon how crisp you like it.
Step 8
Divide the sandwiches into triangles or squares and serve with cold coffee, iced tea or milk tea.