Check whether the eggs you bought from your store or fresh or not using these easy hacks. Sometimes we do feel there is something wrong with the egg and there have been cases when the eggs bought by the customer has turned out to be rotten when cut open so it is best that we do this test every time, so here it goes.

Test 1

egg water

  • Fill a large bowl with cold water.
  • Gently place the egg in it. 
  • If the egg sinks and rests on its side, that is a very fresh egg.
  • If it sinks but sits upright and bobs up a little then it's not that old but fresh enough to consume. b 
  • If the egg floats, it is not fresh.

Why Do Old Eggs Float

Eggs being porous can have air in them over time. Older the egg gets the more air will have and it will float. The quality of the egg declines as well. The white of the egg also gets thinner. The yolk also sits down, becomes a bit flatter over time unlike the upright consistency of a fresh egg. 

Test 2

  • Before you throw any egg smell it. Eggs that are not safe, produce a distinct smell & fresh eggs have no smell.   


Egg Storage

egg storage

  • Those ceramic egg dishes are not the best for egg storage. 
  • Leave the eggs in the carton you bought as it helps protect them from bacteria and of course cracking.
  • Place them on the fridge shelf and not on the door as the movement might make them crack. 

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  • Fridge temperature should be the same.  
  • While storing, make sure that the narrowed end is in the cup and the wider end is pointing up.