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    Make Your Christmas Eve More Fun With Delectable Pudding Using This Recipe By Chef

    Prepare this tasty Christmas pudding using an easy recipe shared by the chef.
    Updated at - 2019-12-21,13:19 IST
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    Now when it comes to festivities, what are we eating is something many miss out on and do not care about the calories. I say that you let it go sometimes but do not go overboard and enjoy the lovely food that is sacred to different festivals. This time we are talking about Christmas which is celebrated by Christians and even some non-Christians with full zest as it is all about getting together and having a blast. To make it all momentous, one of the things you could do would be cooking yourself at least something sweet with all your heart. So here is a recipe by Chef which is traditionally served during Christmas Christmas dinner in Ireland, the UK, and in other countries. It has apparently been brought by Irish and British immigrants.

    Christmas Pudding Recipe Card

    This Christmas pudding recipe has been contributed by Executive Chef, Ajay Kumar, Jaypee Vasant Continental.

    Total Time :
    60 min
    Preparation Time :
    15 min
    Cooking Time :
    45 min
    Servings :
    Cooking Level :
    Kishori Sud


    • Refined flour 115gms
    • Baking powder 5 gms
    • Dry fruits 250 gms (Lemon peels
    • orange peels
    • black current
    • raisin
    • cashew Walnut
    • tutti frutti-chopped)
    • Almond peeled and chopped 85 gms
    • White bread crumbs 175 gms
    • Mixed spices powder: clove mace cardamom 5 gms Unsalted butter 250 gms
    • Brown sugar 175 gms
    • Salt 3 gms
    • Whole eggs 02
    • Lemon zest 5 gms
    • Brandy 100 ml
    • Apple –peeled & chopped 300 gms
    • Milk-full cream 100 ml


    Step 1
    Sieve flour then mix baking powder, breadcrumbs and spices.
    Step 2
    Add dry fruits, apple, almond & lemon zest and mix well. Keep aside.
    Step 3
    Take another bowl mix butter, salt and brown sugar till sugar dissolve completely.
    Step 4
    Add eggs, milk and brandy.
    Step 5
    Then slowly mix both mixtures till smooth in consistency.
    Step 6
    Baking- grease the 5(250 gms each) pudding moulds, fill this mixture and cover with cling wrap.
    Step 7
    Cook these moulds in double boiler in the oven at the temperature 120 degrees C for two hours.
    Step 8
    Once baked cool it down on ambient temperature than keep in the cold storage.
    Step 9
    Dust with icing sugar before serving.

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