One of the toughest jobs on earth is to be a mother. You have to perform countless duties, to take care of a new life. As a woman, you have to be an all-rounder. While you are taking care of your baby, you can’t forget your other duties, be it the household chores or the work at your office. 

Who Is This Viral Chandigarh Cop? 

Who Is This Viral Chandigarh Cop

Most people forget how difficult it is to be a mother unless some like this Chandigarh cop reminds us. Recently, a video of a lady, clad in a traffic police uniform went viral. 

In the clip, she can be seen performing her duty with a baby in her lap. Her name is Priyanka, who has been receiving mixed responses on the internet.  

Where Was The Clip Shot?


If media reports are to be believed, the video clip was shot by a local resident while the lady police was performing her duty near the roundabout of Sector 15/23 at 11 am. Post the local resident shared the clip on social media, many others liked, retweeted and commented on it. 

How Is The Internet Reacting On The Video? 

While they are people who are lauding Priyanka, there are others who are trying to teach her to be a good mother. A Twitterati called Priyanka out and said, “How the hell is this allowed, there is nothing to celebrate in this, you are risking the child’s health and also his life.” 


In response, another Twitter user said, “Agreed but there are times when mothers have no choice... The need is the appreciate the motherhood dedication but at the same time organization need to help mothers in this situation.”

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There were others too, who hailed this Chandigarh cop’s dedication and urged senior officials to help her out. One wrote, “@DgpChdPolice sir, this lady constable is doing a commendable job. If possible, transfer her to the more appropriate place where this mother and kid can avoid harsh situation!” whereas another said, “Pease [Please] get her posted to some table work as of now on the humanitarian ground...plzzzzz.” 


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Why Priyanka Was Performing Her Duty With Her Baby?

Why Priyanka Was Performing Her Duty With Her Baby 

As per the reports by a leading newspaper, Chandigarh’s (Ayushmann Khurrana's childhood home in Chandigarh) traffic police officer, Priyanka was supposed to join her duty at 8 AM on a respective day. However, she was late to work without any prior information. After she was asked to report to work, she had a heated argument with her senior and that’s when she decided to perform duty with her baby. 

A new mother can face countless obstacles. While she is trying to get well-versed with her new duties, she may mess up at the old ones. As fellow citizens, not only should try to help such new moms in their journey, but should also not criticise them on the internet. 

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Picture Courtesy: Twitter (upcopsachin)