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    Dr.Sharvari Inamdar - The Woman Who Lifts Weights In A Saree

    Dr. Sharvari Inamdar is a Pune-based nutrition consultant and powerlifter who is inspiring everyone on social media, here's her story.
    Published -21 Jun 2021, 17:10 ISTUpdated -21 Jun 2021, 17:26 IST
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    The stereotypes in our society that are associated with gender are the worst enemies of progress and growth.  The notion that goes around this is very biased in nature and thus it restricts men and women to some activities that they have been doing over the ages . Going beyond that list of things might have you subjected to various comments and trolls by the people.

    But whatsoever the consequences might be, there are some people who tend to break the stereotypes and push the envelope. These people are exemplary and brave and have the capacity to inspire others to “go where there is no path and leave a trail,” and one such amazingly remarkable woman is Dr. Sharvari Inamdar. She is a nutrition consultant based out in Pune. She has also undergone training for sports and physical fitness and her videos showing her lift heavy weights in a saree are making rounds of the internet. Let us read more about her.

    About Dr. Sharvari

    sharvari inamdar

    Dr.Sharvari completed her B.A.M.S & M.D from Tilak Ayurved College in Pune. Sharvari started her career as a teacher at the T.A.M.V Ayurved College. Further, she has also completed a training in modern nutrition and sports nutrition. She has solid experience in treating women and children and is herself a passionate athlete. Moreover, she works for the Sports Medicine Centre and is a renowned Nutrition consultant in Pune. Her practical, easy and natural ways to get your body back in optimal health are what make her so approachable.

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    About Her Videos

    sharvari inamdar

    Dr. Sharvari Inamdar is a mother of two and a champion powerlifter. Her videos of her wearing a saree and lifting heavy weights went viral on social media.  She uploaded the video on the 12th of June 2021 celebrating the reopening of her gym after the second wave of coronavirus in India. 

    sharvari inamdar

    She never usually wears sarees but in order to celebrate the moment that felt like wearing one and working out in it.  Sharvari wanted to inspire all women to workout and was willing to show that irrespective of what clothes you are wearing while working out, you must do so in order to stay fit and healthy.  After her video went viral, she said, “Many older women reached out to me after the video,” to the Brut.

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    Sharvari Wants To Raise Awareness

    sharvari inamdar

    Sharvari keeps posting a lot of videos of her training with weights in order to raise awareness about the same, not only that, but she also wants women to understand that weight training is great as it can help them enhance their endurance and make them stronger. 

    sharvari inamdar

    Her family, especially her husband is always there to support her with every workout for which she is thankful and thus, wants to inspire other families and women to train with weights as it makes one’s bones stronger and can make you look younger. She also believes that women must ignore the stigma around weight lifting and not believe in myths that surround it. 

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