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HZ Exclusive: Rupal Dalal, New Age Businesswoman Thriving To Empower Women In The Fashion Industry

Executive Director of JD Institute of Fashion Industry, Ms Rupal Dalal is making efforts to provide stability to economically challenged women in the ...
Published -02 Mar 2020, 16:26 ISTUpdated -02 Mar 2020, 16:46 IST
women empowerment

The fashion industry, a multibillion-dollar global enterprise that always makes headlines for one or other reasons. Sometimes for exploiting its craftsmen, while others for providing a stage to showcase raw talents. Working for the same cause is the Executive Director of the JD Institute of Fashion Industry, Ms Rupal Dalal. 

Putting out continuous efforts in forging the living condition of underprivileged women, she trained, worked and collaborated with several other organisations. Given the current situation where the “global supply chain has provided more jobs to women, especially in cotton spinning mills,” she is determined to keep improving the situation.

cotton spinning industry

Her initiatives include organising workshops like Design Development to empower economically challenged women, entrepreneurs. For this Ms Rupal Dalal collaborated with Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs of India (CWEI) creating a unique platform to showcase ethnic craft while reviving India’s traditional dying arts. This helped the participants to register their creativity through TM, Copy Right, and Industrial Design. 

Along with her, the students of her organisation have also understood the value of giving back to society. They enthusiastically participated in a programme, Together we can CHANGE, to enlighten underprivileged children and helped them to rejoin the society. 

traditional craftsmen

Speaking of youths in India, the Executive Director of JD Institute of Fashion Industry told HZ that since the “electronic Commerce or e-comm has opened new roads and opportunities for young professionals, the growth trajectory may cross USD 103 billion soon.” Hence, with e-commerce’s help, the fashion industry holds the potential to uplift the needy section of the society simply by making them more technologically equipped. 

However, she also recognises the fact that “the past few years have been crucial in terms of the growth of the e-commerce industry.” However, “varied skills such as developers, content writers, designers, stylists, and photographers are only being recognised” and not the talented “craftsmen, traditional artisans, merchants, and sellers.” 

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She has also been conscientiously working towards empowering underprivileged artisans, women, and girls from the rural area, training and enhancing them in various vocational skills and thus improving their social & economic conditions. In this too the students of JD Institute of Fashion Industry are training basic design skills including, pattern making, garment construction, etc to the underprivileged. “A total number of 15 students have volunteered for this project where our students will impart a preliminary design module of 36 hours of basic training. After completion of the course they would be able to work in buying houses, export houses, retail houses, designers and even as a fashion stylist,” told Ms Rupal Dalal. 

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She, who is well acquainted with the fashion industry believes that “the fashion education sector is booming and is offering employment options with an exciting career path, diverse opportunity, and new-age job, especially for creative professionals. Given that India has the world’s largest youth population, slowly establishing far developed markets is not impossible.” 


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