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Are You A Housewife? Earn Good With These Creative Career Options

Are you looking for career options post marriage? Here are five creative career options that can help you out. Check out.
  • Mohammad Ashraf
  • Editorial
Published -23 Oct 2018, 18:46 ISTUpdated -12 Mar 2020, 14:06 IST
housewife career main

Are you planning to start your career post marriage? These five creative career options can help every housewife to invest her time in something substantial. How to divide the time? In all probability, it is the single most important factor bringing down your level of interest. However, one can explore easy ways to chalk out a better plan, which can equally go hand-in-hand with daily household activities. These career options can be easily clubbed without disturbing your personal life. From photography to beauty salon, you can even do content writing jobs. Restricting or letting your latent talent go in vain is really not a feasible solution. Hence, brush up those long-forgotten ideas and get cracking. Here are some cool real ways to help housewives to utilize their time smartly. Start earning now!


housewife career boutique inside

Love sewing? You already have it. This career option comes handy to a lot more women in India. Start with a small set up and later build on it. After fixing it, you can open a boutique offering designers outfits for women. This investment is one safe bet you can always rely on. With increasing number of weddings, parties and people’s interest towards fashion, opening a designer boutique can be a good option for housewives.

Beauty Salon

housewife career beauty inside

Who doesn’t want to look good? Yes, we all want to. Similarly, beauty industry can not only get you lots of career options but you are paid pretty well too. From marriages to parties and regular beauty treatments, this career option is safest to be explored by the housewives. There are various institutes in the market such as VLCC and Lakme, offering number of part-time and Full-time courses for women.

Content Writing

housewife career writing inside

This sector has recently grown tremendously, with organizations looking for professional writers to create engaging content in the form of articles, blogs and posts, there has been a significant increase in the number of content writing vacancies in the market.

Have a flair for writing? This career option is hard to ignore for the housewives. You can certainly write and get paid as per the article.

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Tiffin Service

housewife career catering inside

Every woman is a born chef. Isn’t it? This is the time to be great in actions as you have been in thoughts. In today’s time, people have less of options and time to relish home-cooked food. Starting catering service can help you earn good bucks. There have been various corporates in the market seeking better catering or tiffin services for their employees. You can now earn by following your passion.


housewife career photography inside

This creative field allows you to explore the talents you already have, be it random travelling selfies or posing like a boss at weddings, you can start using this skill as a part-time or full-time profession. If you want to brush it up further, Delhi College of Photography moulds your interest in a much better way. This career option smartly allows to you divide the personal and professional time at great ease.

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