Why & How Female Make-Up Artists Are Making A Wave In The Beauty Industry!

Celebrity Make-Up Artist, Aafreen Petiwala, opines on how female makeup artists are on the rise and making a wave in the beauty industry.

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Celebrity Make-Up Artist, Aafreen Petiwala, says that be it the young women trying their hands on new makeup products and power of blending or the experts of the beauty industry creating jaw-dropping looks with airbrushes and prosthetics– Female make-up artists are making a wave in the beauty industry. While it is not wrong to say that the industry is full of talented and influential men reigning segments, it’s the female artists who take the crown away! From makeup philosophies and brands to emerging trends – the beauty industry has many charismatic female makeup artists who are owning up to their skills and creating a wave.

Women and the Power of Beauty

Since the beginning of time, women have associated themselves with the definition of beauty. From simple skin prodigies to the art of makeup rituals and being an epitome of beauty – women have been associated with the power of beauty. Earlier, women used charcoal as an eye shadow for the smokey effect and white powder for that extra highlight of features. Cleopatra, the ancient ruler of Egypt, used milk for bathing and lightening skin tone. Beauty and makeup have long been a synonym to feminine identity and women's self-awareness allowing themself to transform, reflect on inner and outer beauty, and feel more attractive and confident. The beauty historians and makeup artists like Estee Lauder, Bobby Brown, Pat Mcgrath, etc have laid down the foundation for women and make women associate with shades and contours of the world of Makeup!

Makeup Industry – A women-centric World


The makeup industry has always been inclined towards women more than men. Female Artists connect other women to the world of makeup helping them portray their beauty in the best possible standards. Highlighting on the perspectives of makeup, creating looks for different places, moods, and styles – the female artists add to the makeup conundrum surrounding a woman’s life. As the relatability from one woman to another is at its peak, the female artists successfully reign in becoming the ideals of beauty to the world. What the women know!

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As compared to men, the women of the makeup industry know what works and what doesn’t. A sense of specialization breeds in the female makeup artists today who associate with the identity of a woman of today and reflect on their art to define just what is needed. From using the right product type for the right kind of skin to highlighting the best features and enhancing natural beauty – the women can associate themselves better to the idea of beauty and create them. Be it about using the high-tech tools or just the regular blenders and brushes, their femininity shows on the makeup – and looks they create. And this isn’t just limited to the beauty rituals, and makeup but advanced creatives like prosthetics.

Crossing The Borders

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Globalisation and the use of the internet have opened up many doors for the beauty industry to flourish around the world. What was limited to just using the homemade products or local brands has now transformed into World-Class Beauty and Makeup Solutions – bringing access and creativity to the forefront of the industry. As a result, more people now have access to beauty brands globally, and chances to get inspired to new cultures, perspectives, and ideas to create and define beauty in a new sense every day. Connecting on the internet, creating new looks for people and sharing it on social media has driven women to share their art with the world.


The Rising Wave Of Female Artists

As new brands and makeup products fill up the shelves of the stores today, more number of female artists are standing on the forefront with blenders and brushes as the weapon. These female makeup artists aren’t just creating new trends in makeup but exploring every facet of the industry and driving the creative wheel. While the smokey eye, red lipsticks fad, etc remain the things of the past, the emerging female makeup artists have contributed to the rise of nude makeup trends, pop culture, and even minimalist makeup styles that define people more than makeup. The new age artists have successfully changed the notion of makeup from being an add-on to a necessity.


What the Future Beholds!

From advanced makeup tools like airbrushes, cleansing tools, curlers, stylers, etc. to the use of Artificial Intelligence to create new and inspiring looks on the gadgets – technology has aided path for growth of the makeup industry. As the world exchanges, more ideas on makeup and men certainly are revolutionizing the beauty industry too, the steering wheel of the makeup industry is in the hands of the female makeup artists. As we walk towards a new decade, one can expect female makeup artists to primer, contour and bake the makeup industry for a flawless and revering finish.

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Female makeup artists are changing the idea of the beauty of the world and creating inspiring stories through their art. From using the right product for the right skin, ideas of right contouring and highlighting, the future of the beauty industry are female!