Can You Identify These Popular Indian Female Politicians?

indian female politicians

Do you follow Indian politics and are very good at remembering names? Let’s check out if you can identify these popular female Indian politicians correctly or not.

Sushma Swara

She is the seven times Member of Parliament and three times Member of the Legislative Assemby, who became one of the most successful Union Minister Of External Affairs of India.

indira gandhi

She was India’s first female Prime Minister, who was was assassinated at 9:29 a.m. on 31 October 1984.

mamata banerjee

She is the first woman Chief Minister of West Bengal, who was also the first woman railway minister of the country.

jaya lalith a

This popular politician served for six terms as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.She was also a famous actress who appeared in 140 films.

sonia gandhi

She has been the longest president of All India Congress, who is mother of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi.

shiela dixit

She served as the Chief Minister of Delhi from 1998 to 2013, who also became the governor of Kerala on 11 March 2014.


One of the most powerful woman politicians, she became chief minister of Uttar Pradesh four times.


She is one of the most popular Member of parliament, won the seat in the 2019 Indian general election.

smriti irani

She is a former model, television actress, and producer, who went on to become a Minister in the Union Cabinet of India.


She is currently serving as the Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs of India, who is a member of the Rajya Sabha since 2014.