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  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial, 21 Apr 2022, 15:17 IST

10 Items To Avoid Wearing To A Wedding

Showing up at a wedding while donning a super casual pair of jeans is a complete no! Here are other fashion mistakes you must avoid making.
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial, 21 Apr 2022, 15:17 IST
wedding fashion tips

We all enjoy attending wedding receptions, and with that comes the monumental burden of dressing correctly for the occasion. Girls frequently spend days searching for the right wedding clothes in order to look completely gorgeous! As wedding guests, we frequently make fashion faux pas in our quest for the picture-perfect look. Sometimes things are overdone, and sometimes they are underdone. As a result, when attending wedding celebrations, you must adhere to certain fundamental dressing etiquettes. All you need is a little direction to amp up your styling and that’s all! 

1Black Dress

black dress

This is one of the most common blunders made before attending a wedding reception. It is more appropriate to dress in black or white at funerals! If either of these two colours is your favourite and you want to wear it to a wedding, make sure you don't wear it from head to toe, as this will give it a dominant effect on your outfit.

2 Denims Are A Big No


Denims would suggest that you have dressed casually, unless the event's dress code allows otherwise. If you like to wear pants, replace denim with well-tailored pants that nonetheless allow you to make a statement. It is best to remember that one should never attend a wedding underdressed.

3 No Headbands Or Tiaras

no tiaras

When is it alright to wear a decorative headband or tiara? Only if you end up becoming the bride. Wearing such items would undoubtedly make you stand out at the wedding reception, but you don't want to be the focus of attention when you're only a visitor, do you? These unique blings should be saved for the bride.

4Don’t Go Overboard With Jewellery

excess jewellery

When wearing a heavy necklace, ditch the earrings or vice versa. Wearing excess gold jewellery will spoil your overall outfit, so keep it in check. It is also customary for a bride to adorn herself with gold jewels on her wedding day.

5Say No To Pencil Heels

say no to heels

When attending a wedding, such sky-pointed high heels are specifically forbidden. No matter what you wear, comfort is essential.

6Short Dresses

no short dresses

Short dresses look great, but anything too exposing should be avoided during a wedding. Because the occasion is more modest, avoid body-hugging short dresses rather opt for of knee-length dresses and skirts. If you don't enjoy wearing Indian clothing, just pair an anarkali or kurta with palazzo trousers.

7Low Cut Outfits

low cut outfits

Avoid wearing plunging necklines to a wedding. Also, avoid wearing clothing with no back or straps. Instead, strive for a more understated style that will help you be the star of the party.

8Sheer Material

sheer material

At a wedding, avoid wearing see-through gowns or translucent blouses. Try some modest materials, such as chiffon or satin, as they are lighter and simpler to pull off during a wedding. You might also wear a shirt with sheer details on the sleeves. That would make it a more appropriate option!

9 Dark Prints

dark prints

Making tasteful choices when dressing up as a guest is essential. This means that certain sorts of prints should be avoided. Wearing too vibrant neon hues or animal prints might make you appear like the party's attention grabber, or in other words, too flashy for the occasion. Instead, choose for more modest designs such as stripes or polka dots, which are just as stylish.

10Loud Makeup

loud makeup

Makeup is another critical element of dressing up, and it must be applied with care so that it does not appear made up. The general rule is that less is more, so emphasise your natural features while adding a glam aspect to them. That is, avoid stacking foundation or highlighter tones on your face.