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Trendy Kurti Designs Every Woman Should Have In 2022

Here are some of the latest Kurti designs for women to try in 2022.
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -12 Jul 2022, 12:04 ISTUpdated -13 Jul 2022, 14:20 IST
trendy kurti designs for women

Kurtis are stylish, comfy, and ‘desi’ at the same time, making it a popular choice for several women. This explains why there is such a variety of women's Kurtis available. There are so many distinct styles of Kurtis available, that they’re never going to start to feel boring or drab. Every Kurti is a standard in its own right, whether it's for comfort or fashion. Here are a few such amazing types of Kurtis designs for women to try in 2022:- 

1. Kurtis With Pockets 

Kurtis With Pockets

Image Courtesy: Ajio

Girls love when their outfits have pockets. There are the best kinds of kurta designs that are full of comfort rather than making any choices and are more comfy than fashionable. So give this Kurti a try. You won't ever need to carry a bag again if you have one enormous pocket.

2. High-Low Kurti

High Low Kurti

Image Courtesy: Kalki Fashion

Everyone in today's world strives to be unique, so why not try this latest high-low, Kurti. Lengthy from behind, and a little short from the front, this pattern slays it. Girls just adore this traditional experiment, which is more pronounced in straight Kurtis. You can try it in different patterns.  

3. Flare Kurti

Flare Kurtis

Image Courtesy: Myntra

Do you like swirling in Kurtis? Then you should go for this flare Kurti. Those swirls in the flare Kurti brighten your day. Explore it with unique colours, pastel colours (Pastel Kurtis For Summers) and stunning block prints in this design. One style of Kurtis that may be worn virtually every day is calf-length ones with flares. You won't get tired of it, for sure.

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4. Shirt Kurti

Shirt Kurti

Image Courtesy: Biba

If you want a look that is traditional, professional and comfortable you can try this Kurti. Today, Shirt Kurtis are setting the fashion standard because of women. A Shirt Kurtis can make life simple because it is long, soft, and allows an adult to look young.

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5. Short Flare Kurti

Short Flare Kurti

Image Courtesy: Snapdeal

You can choose a Kurti from a variety of styles that will get you party-ready with just a click. This style of Kurti shows how an Indian kurti and a western top might go together for an upcoming celebration.

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