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  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial, 01 Mar 2022, 10:00 IST

Different Dresses That A Woman Must Have In Her Closet

Dresses are the uber-cool piece of clothing. They are an effortless and gorgeous addition to our closets.
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial, 01 Mar 2022, 10:00 IST
dress for woman

How many pairs of dresses do you own? We love to wear different kinds of dresses, don’t we? No count can ever be enough. Whether a gown or a maxi dress, the comfort you experience in this apparel is unmatchable with any other piece of clothing. 

Why Invest In A Dress?

A dress offers a chic and elegant look. It comes in various styles to meet an array of requirements that otherwise other clothing pieces might not fulfil. They are available according to occasion and climate. You can wear an embellished floor-length gown to a black-tie event or a bohemian cotton dress to a beach.

Types Of Dresses That Women Must Own

Versatile Long-sleeved Dress For Every Weather

long sleeved dress

If you are filling your closet with different styles of dresses, a long-sleeved one should be your top priority. It is trans-seasonal wear and offers a trendy look. You can either wear it in summers to prevent sunburns on your hands or in cold temperatures with a coat and boots to slay the winter style.

A long-sleeved dress can be paired with heels, shoes and boots. Its versatility makes it one of the best investments in clothing. You can also wear it with a denim jacket or spruce it up to a sporty look.

Modern Shirt Dress For Fun Parties

Have you tried a shirt dress yet? Yes, it looks how it sounds but an unbeatable clothing piece for a casual outing or a weekend party. It is simple yet looks uber-cool on women. If you feel conscious about your shape, height and weight, you can feel a little less self-conscious in a shirt dress.

Its straight patterns do not hug your body. Thus, it does not require you to wear a tummy-tucker or worry about your gorgeous curves showing out. You can wear it while travelling, going out on lunch or at home enjoying a gathering with family and friends.

Fabulous Maxi Dress For A Date

maxi dress

The flaring full-length maxi dress is a style statement that you have to have in your closet. This classic piece is a versatile choice for several occasions. Moreover, the comfort that it offers is unbeatable. 

It facilitates free movements of the body without any chance of an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. From a beach walk and birthday party to date and casual outing, the maxi dress is an effortless vacation outfit that you wear on any given day. 

Comfortable Cotton Dress For A Outing With Friends

If you are trying to find a go-to dress for the summer season, buy a cotton dress without thinking twice. First, the fabric is perfect and helps you bear the scorching sun. Second, you will not find comfort in any clothing as much as in a cotton dress.

The only place where you might have to give a thought is the style. Midi, floor-length, sleeveless or full-sleeves, you can choose the best to fit your requirements among many available in the market. They are perfect for a brunch, date or gathering with friends.

Handy Beach Dress For Enjoying Sand And Waves

beach dress

As the name suggests, a beach dress is a perfect outfit when you are planning a day to enjoy the sunset or build a sandcastle. You can slip it over bathers after relishing a refreshing swim in the salty water at a beach destination

However, you must look into your requirements before making a purchase. If you are looking for something comfortable, a relaxed cotton dress that you can effortlessly slip is the best choice. But if you are just there to enjoy the waves, you can get something exclusive and pair it with adorable pair of sandals.

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Flattering Midi Dress For An Outing With Friends

A midi dress does not need any introduction. Almost every woman knows about it. It is a practical piece of clothing that matches your need to dress for any casual occasion or outing. 

It usually ends a little above or below your knees. Therefore, it is an impeccable choice for a date as well. You can wear it in the summers and feel relaxed in the hot temperatures. A midi dress adds a lively touch to your personality.

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Class A-Line Dress For A Laid Back Look

An A-line dress is a splendid choice for expecting women. It offers comfort and gives a laid back look. It is a must-have in a closet for every woman, expecting or not. It is yet another versatile piece of clothing that you can wear for a number of occasions.

Its shape gives an hourglass silhouette with flares below the bust area. It flows seamlessly on the body and requires no hassle for maintaining the look. You can wear it for parties or picnics. 

Did you like our recommendation? Stay tuned with HerZindagi for more styling tips, hacks and tricks. 


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