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What Style Of Underwear Is Best For You? Have A Look!

A thong may give you an all-naked feel, but a high rise will hide the belly fat. Which underwear is your pick?
best underwear for women over

Without a doubt, underwear is the most essential part of our outfit. It may not be the clothing that is visible on the outside but is the key to comfort. Underwear is what brings comfort to your outfit and your day. Picking the right underwear is thus very crucial. 

While picking your underwear, there may be many questions in your mind. Fabrics, styles, and designs are the three most important concerns when we dive into the underwear world. With many different styles of underwear available in the market, what should be your pick? Here’s a list of styles that are ideal for purchase. Dive in to know more! 


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Looking for maximum coverage? Briefs are the perfect fit for you! They secure you 100% on the front and back. There are variations within this style, like a high-rise waist or a high-cut leg opening. 

Although they may show panty lines, many people go back to their brief underwear because they're so comfortable and make you feel naked! 

Boy Shorts 

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Boy Shorts have a rectangular shape that has the most coverage out of all the different types of underwear. They are perfect for when you are wearing loungewear and lose skirts, as they'll provide the most coverage if your skirt flies up since it looks like a cross between underwear and shorts.



Underwear that is categorized under thongs gives you the least amount of coverage as compared to other panties. They are differentiated based on their physical aspect, which includes a tiny strip going around your waistline while there is a panty lining for your vaginal covering, mostly in cotton. 

Wearing a thong helps you avoid visible panty lines, as there are no bumps on the edges and they stay hidden. Thongs are a great option for tighter clothes, but they can be uncomfortable if you don't find the material or size perfect for you.

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High Rise 

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High-rise underwear will keep your whole tummy covered. If you hate the feeling of underwear digging into your belly, high-rise panties are a great solution. It is a great set of panties for those who wish to hide their belly fat under a dress! 

French Cut 

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To show off a little more leg space, French cut panties are the best underwear. They'll have the same waist as a classic brief, but with higher cut leg holes.


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This underwear type is similar to a brief, but with less coverage, a lower rise, and higher leg openings. With a low rise and a bit of butt coverage, bikini underwear mirrors the cut of most bikini bottoms. As one of the most popular types of underwear, most people wear these everywhere, including the gym as they won't create "granny panty" lines without riding up like a thong.

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Low Rise 

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This underwear type is best for when you wish to wear a low-rise bottom like jeans. They give you the same coverage as high-rise underwear but only cover you up to the lower abdominal part.

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