6 Common Bra Mistakes You Are Making

There are some common mistakes and myths that we women have been falling for, for the longest time now.

Tanya Malik
common bra mistakes to avoid

National Lingerie Day is just around the corner. The day celebrates the most essential garment worn by a woman, the undergarment. Lingerie is the most intimate piece of clothing we all wear, it is the first thing that goes on our body.

Do you know, even after carrying lingerie for years now, a lot of us make some common mistakes which we shouldn't? We spoke to Neha Kant, Founder, Cloviaand asked her to share some common bra mistakes you might be making.

Wearing A Bra While Sleeping

A lot of women wear a bra while sleeping because they feel like it will prevent their breasts from sagging. On the other hand, a lot of women think that sleeping with the bra on can lead to breast cancer. However, the truth is that both of these things are a myth. While sagging can't be prevented after a certain age, there is no credible research that states that bras can lead to breast cancer. It is thus a personal choice to wear a bra or not wear it while sleeping. However, to ensure that you have a comfortable sleep, you must wear a non-padded and non-wired bra while sleeping.

Opting For A White Bra Under White Clothes

white bra under white clothes outfit

Image Courtesy: Clovia

We often avoid investing in white clothes because we think we would need matching white lingerie to carry those outfits. Well, that's not the truth. Just like you don't specifically purchase a black or red bra for a black or red top, there is no such rule for white outfits. In fact, a white bra under a white top is more visible than any other colour. One simple hack to prevent your bra from showing under a white outfit is wearing a nude coloured bra that is close to your skin tone. A nude coloured bra would beautifully blend with your skin tone and disappear under white outfits. (easy bra hacks)

Machine Washing Your Bras

machine wash bras

To make your bras last for longer, it is important to take good care of them. If you wash your bras in a washing machine, they will wear out sooner. Padded bras, and delicate lace bras lose their shape if washed in a washing machine. If they have underwires, they might start to poke out. It is best to hand wash the bras and then lay them flat to naturally dry instead of hanging them. If you still have to wash the bras in the washing machine, make sure you first separate them basis their colour and then put them for washing.

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Wearing Lacy Bras For Everyday Wear

lacy lingerie

Image Courtesy: Clovia

We all love beautiful lacy bras but they might not be the right choice for everyday wear. Lace isn't an absorbent material and wearing a lacy bra all day long can make you feel uncomfortable at the end of the day, especially if it is summer season. Keep your fancy lacy bras for special occasions and get some nice printed cotton bras that look stylish and are comfortable at the same time.

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Wearing A Bra Which Is Too Loose Or Too Tight

Wearing an ill-fitted bra is one of the biggest mistakes you might be making. A right fitted bra is the one that is neither too tight nor too loose, it just fits perfectly. Some signs of a well-fitted bra are -

  • The straps sit on the shoulder and don't dig in or slip.
  • There is enough space for you to slide at least 2 fingers under the bra band.
  • The underwires of the bra lie flat against your chest.
  • The cups cover your breasts properly and there are no bulges from the top or side.

Not Getting Your Bra Size Checked

Have you been wearing that one favourite bra for years now? Well, you might be wearing the wrong size then. We all have that one favourite bra that we feel is the perfect fit and just can't do without it. However, just like all our other products, bras too come with an expiry date. Over time, your bras start to get worn out. Even if you take good care of your bra, it doesn't really last more than a year. Also, you should get your bra size checked every 6 months to ensure that you are carrying the right size. (how to measure bra size at home)

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