Summers are incomplete without easy breezy dresses and outfits that rule and define our love for the season. Styling in summers is fun as we have the liberty to opt for playful popping prints that looks flattering on us. One such loved pattern in this weather is the floral print, this particular style on our dresses, shirts, bottoms looks chic and bold at the same time. But there are some points that you need to keep in mind while styling the floral to maintain charm and subtlety.

Avoid Wearing Colourful jewels

floral dress ideas summer

A nice floral dress or top is enough to add that pop of color to your outfit and make you look bright and beautiful instantly. Floral itself is such a statement print that it can be tricky at times to style it, you can’t add too many accessories to your dress as then you will run the risk of overpowering the print. If you are wearing a floral outfit then you should avoid any flowery piece of jewelry or accessory as it will only end up making you look like a bouquet.

Accessories with Floral Is Big NO!

floral dress accessory

Floral prints are the most attractive and elegant prints that everyone should have in their wardrobe. It can be a perfect option for going out on a date or official meeting. The way you style your print is going to make all the difference to your appearance. You need to smartly choose and pair your accessories with the florals, a solid handbag, and belts with short floral dresses that look stunning. Invest in the bags that are contrasting to the print you are wearing like neutral black, blue, or brown that works with almost everything.  Belts, on the other hand, should be of the same color as your dress and in case of confusion go for neutrals in belts as well.

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The Right Footwear

right footwear

When you are choosing shoes or sandals for your floral dress avoid going for the ones that have any kind of print on them instead, go for the nude colors. If there are any light or subtle color that is used less in your dress you can opt for footwear of that color.  The whole idea is to get the attention to your dress and its print and not to the accessories or shoes. We would suggest you select nude color sandals, stilettos, or ballet even white and black sneakers look great with florals. 

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The Added Accessories

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Your hat, scarf, or hair accessories are the add-ons to your outfit that enhance your looks. A good hat with nude colors looks perfect with floral print. Choose for these added accessories in light and ivory shades to avoid too much floral in your outfit. Apart from being a signature look, it also helps you protect yourself from harsh weather conditions. When you wear a scarf with a dress it instantly adds that oomph factor to your outfit so opt for the ones that are plain and have no print on them. Mixing any other print with floral can also look intimidating and over the top so avoid wearing any other print with your floral ensemble.

We hope you find these tips useful. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more.

image courtesy: pixabay