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Opt For These Saree Fabrics During Summer Season

If you are looking for comfortable sarees to don during the summer season, then try these fabrics.
summer saree fabrics main

Summer is here and it is extremely hot out there. We feel like sitting in our shorts and t-shirt all day long but it is not possible because we have to get out at some point of time (PS: we are not in a pandemic anymore so dress nicely and go out).

Also, isn’t it boring to sit in those same clothes all day long? We all feel like dressing up at least once in a while and sometimes, it is just necessary. If you want to dress up nicely in a saree, then worry not as we are here to tell you how to beat the heat in a saree.

Here is a list of fabrics that are perfect for summers as they are breathable and lightweight. Get a saree in any of these fabrics and you are sorted.


cotton summer saree fabrics

It is not at One of the most popular fabrics during the summer season is cotton as it is breathable and comfortable. It is breathable due to the small hollow gaps in the fabric which allows it to absorb and breathe perspiration quickly.

Wearing cotton sarees will help in passing air through fibres and keep the body. Cotton might seem simple to you and not appropriate for a variety of functions but you should know that it blends well with other fabrics.

You can get other cotton weaves in the market which include terry cloth, flannel, muslin, gauze and many more. This natural and lightweight fabric should be your top preference for the hot weather.


Khadi has been quite popular in India since ancient times but it is slowly disappearing. However, we need to bring it back as it is one of the best options for summer. This is a hand-woven fabric made with handspun yarn and khadi sarees look extremely elegant and classy. These are especially for those who have an interest in India’s handloom sarees.

If you are looking for daily wear sarees, then nothing is better than khadi sarees. They will provide you comfort and the breathable fabric will help you to beat the heat.


Another natural fabric that is great for summers is linen. This fabric is extracted from the flax plant and is believed to be older than cotton. Although it is a bit expensive but it is quite popular as it is breathable as well as durable.

The fabric is lightweight and can be washed easily. You should definitely try linen sarees during the summer season for a chic and elegant look. If you are a working woman, then linen sarees would make a great outfit for the office. Get a linen saree for yourself and stay comfortable and cool all day long.

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sheer summer saree fabrics

One of the most loved fabrics during the summer season is surely sheer. There are a variety of options including tulle, lace, georgette, chiffon, and many more. This fabric won’t stick to you during the summers as other heavy fabrics would do. Also, this lightweight fabrics' close relation with cotton gives you another reason to choose it during summers.

The best part about sheer sarees is that they can be worn for any event, you just need to style it properly. A sheer saree will surely make you look graceful and elegant along with adding a touch of femininity to your look.


silk summer saree fabrics

Who isn’t a fan of silk fabric? Silk sarees are of the most popular choice of women not only because of the elegant look but also because it helps to keep you cool during summers. This is because it has hypoallergenic properties and a natural protein structure offering easy breathable space. Also, it has temperature regulating properties.

This fabric absorbs sweat, thus it allows your skin to breathe. You can get silk sarees in bright colours and wear them for any occasion, be it a formal event or a wedding in the family or a festival. Just make sure to add your personal touch by styling it properly.

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If you want the perfect summer wardrobe, then you should definitely add a chambray saree. This is the perfect saree fabric for summer because it is lightweight and breathable. Also, it has impressions of denim making it look uber chic.

This is the perfect choice for summer if you are looking for easy breezy sarees. You can play with colours and prints and get the one you look for with a matching or contrasting blouse. A chambray saree will surely be your best friend during the scorching heat of summers. 

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