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Fascinated By Punk Culture? Here's How You Can Add It To Your Wardrobe

Check out these amazing style tips to rock the '90s punk culture inspired fashion looks. 
Published -28 Jun 2021, 18:19 ISTUpdated -28 Jun 2021, 18:36 IST
punk fashion style tips m

A lot of people around the world are inspired by punk culture not only now but it has been so since the early 90’s era.  When punk musicians and bands started capturing the attention of the people and people started dressing like them, it was then that veteran fashion designers started making punk culture-inspired clothing and accessories and punk fashion became a big hit.

However, the craze faded out a bit over the next decade and people started going more modern but it was not much time after that punk fashion revived and ruled the people yet again.  Talking about 2021, there are a lot of fans of punk fashion who love to style their outfits like the rockstars of the ’90s. So, if you too are one of them then read on to find out all about adding punk style to your wardrobe.

The More Edgy The Look The Better It Is

Punk fashion styling goes by one rule and that is to look as edgy as possible. Therefore the use of dark colours, more accessories, dark makeup looks and eye-catching and unique hairstyles was trending at the peak of punk fashion and thus if you wish to add punk fashion to your wardrobe, then you should prepare yourself to be able to don really catchy stuff. Let us take a look at some things you should focus on initially.

Colourful Wigs/Unique Hairstyles

punk fashion style tips

Colourful wigs or unique hairstyles are an integral part of punk fashion.  A long comb over the hair, mohawk, rainbow hair colours, a shaved head is what you can do to make your style shout punk. 

But if you want to experiment with punk fashion as a beginner then perhaps the best option for you is to try a wig. You can find colourful wigs online from where you can choose the hairstyle and the colour you want yourself to have.

Add More Metal Accessories

punk fashion style tips

Layering your clothes with metal accessories is another roadway to punk fashion. You might have seen punk fashionistas donning heavy metal accessories with sharp edges and pointed designs and so you have to follow the same. If you don’t want to add the usual punk style chokers, etc then the simplest way around is to add more chains. You can tuck a few around your waist, some for your wrists, while keeping a few iconic ones for your neck. Not only that, you can also grab a few metal earrings to rock your punk looks.

Edgy Shoes

punk fashion style tips

Punk style shoes are mostly black with a few details created on them with metal chains and buckles. Not only will these shoes capture everyone’s attention but will help you emerge as a punk fashion star amongst your friends. As an alternative, you can also wear your black boots along with your look.

Punk Style Jackets

punk fashion style tips

Punk style jackets used to be very colourful, glossy and loud. The bold use of colour in the jackets or layers worn on top of your outfits is what speaks ‘punk’ the most. 

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Some Other Tips

  • To complete a punk fashion look, wearing dark makeup is necessary. A black shade of lips, bold use of eyeliner is important. 
  • Apart from that, if you don’t really want to create a very loud look then going with a dark theme simply would be of great help to you.
  • And finally, just wear your outfit with sheer confidence and you will be able to slay in your punk look.

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