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Here's A Masterclass On Necklines!

From classic to trendy, which is the neckline your body type will flatter the most? Read to know the best suitable type! 
Necklines fashionn

It is the neckline of the attire that will bring eyes to your outfit! While a neckline is what will help you in making a bold statement, it is essential to dress according to your body. Everybody is different, and that is a reason good enough to dress differently every time around. 

Wanting to carry out a bold neckline? Here are some neckline types you can gaze through, and find your style! 

Boat Neck 

It is the type of neckline that misses the collar bone just by a few inches! The appearance of the neckline is highly graceful, giving you wider shoulders to show off. It is also known as a bateau neckline, which gives your shoulder a beautiful outlook with an illusion of a better posture. 

Round Neck 

round neck rhea

A round neckline is a classic, yet the most simple choice to go for! With this outline to your neck, you will not have to worry about anything having to show. It is a clever choice to stay away from necklaces of the same length when you plan on wearing a round neck. 

A round neck is an ideal neckline type for a woman who has a small to medium bust size. It is an appealing neckline for people who have long necks too! 

Crowl Neck 

This neckline is a little different from a round neck, as it is designed to fall naturally and form a unique silhouette. This neckline is meant to flatter a lot of body types. 

It will help you show off a bit of your skin, while you keep it as classy as possible. Crowl neckline will help lengthen the appearance of your torso, while it may add volume to your bust. 

Halter Neck 

This is the type of neckline you want to wear if you want all eyes on yourself. This neckline will help you bring all the attention to the shoulder sockets, giving your torso length. 

This neckline creates a beautiful effect by cutting between your shoulders as it highlights your curves! 

Turtle Neck 

Necklines turtle neck

Turtleneck has always been a popular choice for everybody. The end on the neckline rests a few inches below the chin and allows you to play the layering fashion game. 

Turtlenecks are an ideal choice for people who love giving a touch of pop and the 80s to their attires. This neckline might give away the effect of a floating head sometimes!


Also known as Bardot, an off-shoulder top is the best available option on the market for those who love highlighting their shoulders and their collarbones to the max!

This neckline will help you draw all the attention to your beautiful face as you may want to pair them up with statement earrings! 

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One Shoulder

The one-shoulder neckline is something that comes off to be super bold and dramatic in nature. It is fun to experiment with a one-shoulder top, allowing a touch of fun and bold. 

Scoop Neck 

kareena Necklines

A deeper, wider neck is something that looks appealing to a human eye, every single time. This neckline will help highlight your neck and your collarbone to the max! 

Collar Neck 

The most common neck to a shirt or a dress can be that of a collar neck. The open neck will allow your bust area to breathe without showing more than you want. 

It is a feminine yet chic style that is highly favorable amongst the youth. 

Square Neck 

The square neckline is the retro-shaped neckline that has been ruling over our hearts for the longest. It provides a nice contrast to curves and can help to visually lengthen your neck and draw attention to your collarbone. 

Sweetheart Neck 

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A sweetheart neckline enhances curves, and similar to the square neck draws eyes upwards to lengthen your neckline and put your collarbone on full display. 

V Neck 

The V neck is unroutable, the universal neckline for all! The right bra and confidence will help you nail the look! This style draws the eye inward, lengthening the neck and torso. 

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Plunging Neck 

This style of the neckline is perfect for elongating your frame and bringing drama to any look. 

Keyhole Neck 

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The keyhole neckline is a close sibling of the halter neck, except for forming a “keyhole” of varying shapes and sizes right below your collar bones. This timeless neckline brings out class and sophistication, as it feels and looks as though you are wearing a jewel. 

Surplice Neck

This neckline forms when the fabric overlaps the other end as one side of your shoulders crosses fabric from the other side at the front and is then permanently sewn down in the seam.


Strapless styles highlight your entire upper body area and are perfect for women who like to flaunt their collarbones and necks. However, be prepared for its minimal support by finding the right strapless bra to wear underneath. 

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