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5 Must-Have Offbeat Footwear For Bridal Trousseau

Check out these stunning bridal footwear ideas that will complete your bridal look.
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -11 Sep 2022, 10:00 ISTUpdated -11 Sep 2022, 09:48 IST
bridal footwear

The day of the wedding is when any bride wants to look flawless with gorgeous outfits, sparkling accessories, and footwear. Picking up the items for a bride's trousseau requires meticulousness. She needs to be careful with every piece of clothing she intends to wear on the various occasions following her wedding. And throughout it all, the shoes are crucial since they can enhance the beauty of a bride's appearance. Every day, bridal shoes become more creative! So before you pick your ultimate bridal footwear, check these cool ones to draw inspiration from!

1. Shimmery Stilettos

Shimmery Stilettos

Stilettos can complete your look. These quirky bridal heels with sequin and net embellishments are one option. Wearing stilettos can give you a sophisticated stride, make you look sleeker, and lengthen your legs. They might not be the most practical choice to wear throughout the day, so opt for a ceremony when you won’t have to be on your feet for too long. 

2. Personalised Sneakers

Personalised Sneakers

This is no news that many brides are opting for comfort over pain for their D-day. Custom sneakers are one off-beat option for brides. Wearing customised sneakers will keep your feet comfortable for longer. They add a stylish yet comfy touch to your attire. You can also try metallic colours for adding an extra tinge of glamour. 

3. Lovely Wedges

Lovely Wedges

Most women appreciate the height that heels (How To Care For High-Heeled Footwear) provide them, but the thought of aching feet keeps them away. Due to how much more comfortable they are to wear than other footwear, wedges are a blessing for them. The comfortable cushioning in these footwear helps your feet stay balanced on the ground. That's why these embroidered heels are the ideal choice for any wedding event.

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4. Bridal Sliders

Bridal Sliders

Many brides have a flair for quirkiness and would love to wear offbeat bridal sliders for their wedding. They can be personalised with wedding dates written on them, or phrases like “Sohni Kudi” or “The Bride” written on them. You can also opt for ones with embroidery or funky designs. These bridal sliders are stylish, easy to slip on, and different from the same old wedding footwear

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5. Bridal Sandals

Bridal Sandals

Wedding sandals are essential footwear that successfully combines style and comfort. You can try ones with stunning embellishments, floral embroidery, or even Doli design sandals. There are a variety of options for you to choose from. 

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