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Malavika Mohanan; Our Modern Warrior Princess

Malavika Mohanan looks absolutely divine in her warrior princess ensemble.
  • Neha Pande
  • Editorial
Published -11 Nov 2021, 13:07 ISTUpdated -11 Nov 2021, 13:19 IST
Malavika Mohanan Modern Warrior Princess

This warrior princess just needs a sari to stun us all! Malavika Mohanan gave us a godly warrior princess look with just a saree and nothing else to celebrate this stunning drape. Who needs ball gowns, tulle dresses or a tiara to be a princess. Malavika Mohanan ditches all this glitz and glamour; and in true warrior princess fashion she let go of all these luxuries and stuck with a beautiful sari drape. 

The Warrior Princess

Malavika Mohanan created something magical with her warrior princess look; she almost looks like an old beautiful oil painting of an actual princess. The whole outfit was styled beautifully from the draping of the saree which definitely was the showstopper for the whole ensemble. The raw look of the sari made her look like she was born in a completely different era. Malavika definable looked like a true Indian warrior princess. 

Warrior Princess

This look also reminded many of mythological and historical figures like Sati, Rani Laxmibai, Sita etc. This was definitely like a nod to all the powerful Indian warrior princesses. 

In fact in true warrior princess fashion she paired her saree look with arm bangles and a septum ring. If you ever get to read or study about warrior tribes or see a picture of one you will definitely see them wearing something on their arms which is mostly a symbol of their tribe; this must have been the inspiration for the arm bangles Malavika. Even her makeup was done to perfection given how simple it was kept with mainly the kohl in her waterline sparkling through. The messy wet hair and even the tattoo on her side adds on to elevate the whole look. 

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Malavika Mohanan And Her Different Avatars

Whenever Malavika wears ethnic she quite literally looks like a painting of an Apsara sent from up above; and looking at her pictures you really can not deny that. She resembles a painting or even a handcrafted sculpture seen in museums whenever she dawns an ethnic look. 


Apsara Sent By The Gods

Apsara Sent By The Gods

Malavika in this outfit looks like an Apsara sent by the gods; she looks beautiful in this tube top blouse and beautiful pink mock sari. The whole ensemble perfectly captures the beauty of Malavika who looks like an Apsara. The arm jewelry with the thin chain of a kamarbandh gives a dainty effect to the whole outfit. The septum nose ring, light flushed makeup and loose tresses makes the whole look tie up together beautifully. 

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Tangerine Goddess

Tangerine Goddess

If you think the warrior princess look was it then think again because this beautiful tangerine lehenga look makes our stunning actress look like a Radha from Vrindavan. This is yet another simple look which has been styled to perfection especially with the makeup and braided hair. 

The polka dot blouse with the free flowing tangerine lehenga looks innocent and charming on Malavika. The makeup is kept simple with just her eyes doing all the talking. The hair is braided in a long braid with a headpiece in the back and traditional jewelry makes the look seem so much more authentic. 


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