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How To Look Tall In Ethnic Wear Without Heels

If you want to look tall, then heels are not your only option.
Published -25 Mar 2022, 10:09 ISTUpdated -25 Mar 2022, 10:27 IST
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Be it a festival or a wedding, we are super excited as we get to wear our favourite Indian clothes. There is a special charm in ethnic wear. Any Indian outfit will take your beauty of the next level. Along with beauty, another thing that plays a huge role in your attractiveness quotient is your height.

Women always have the option of heels to look tall but not all of us are comfortable in heels. However, heels are not your only option if you want to look tall. There are a few hacks that you can try in order to give an illusion of length. Follow these tips and flaunt your ethnic outfit at the next event without worrying about your height.

Keep A Check On The Length

short kurta how to lootall in indian

The length of your outfit matters when you are trying to look tall. You should avoid wearing kurtas that are too long. Your kurta shouldn't reach your feet nor should it go beyond your knees. Opt for kurtas that are a few inches above your knees or knee length kurtas are also a great option. This trick will make your legs look longer, thus making you look tall.

Manage The Width

kaftan how to lootall in indian

Not only the length but also the width of your outfit matters. If you are going for a kaftan or batman sleeves or even billowy skirts or lehengas, then they have a wider width, thus making you look bulky. These bulky clothes not only make you look heavier but also make you look short. Therefore, you should avoid such kinds of clothing pieces if you want to look tall.


Not only the style of your clothing but also the print and pattern of your clothes matter when it comes to making you look tall. You should go for outfits with small prints like little floral motifs or small polka dots. In fact a solid outfit will be the best choice in such cases.

This doesn't mean that we are asking you to ditch those heavy clothes and wear light clothes. You can surely have heavy embroidery on your clothes but make sure that the embroidery has small motifs. Another thing that you should try is going for diagonal or vertical stripes.

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Manage Lines

You should avoid all horizontal lines on your outfit like a small bodice on anarkalis or a broad border. You should avoid anything that will create a horizontal visual break. A black kurta with white bottoms and black shoes is also a bad idea. You have to avoid visual breakdown at the breakdown, therefore match your footwear with your bottoms instead of your top. This is a common mistake which is making you look short. Similarly, if you are wearing a crop top, then layer it with a dupatta or a long jacket, thus maintaining the illusion of length.

Go Monochrome

monochome how to lootall in indian

Opting for monochromatic outfits in order to look taller is a great idea. Wearing a monochromatic outfit maintains the illusion of length as there is no breakdown in your outfit. So, go for similar kurta, bottoms and footwear.

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Mermaid Cut Underskirt

mermaid cut how to lootall in indian

If you are going to wear an underskirt under your saree or lehenga, then go for a mermaid cut underskirt instead of the a-line one. This is because the mermaid cut is hugging your body, thus avoiding the width and the bulky look. Therefore, it makes you look taller while the a-line underskirt makes you look short.

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