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How To Style A Scarf: Take Your Simple Outfit To The Next Level With These Tips

Elevate your basic outfit with a simple scarf.
Published -07 Jun 2022, 16:21 ISTUpdated -10 Jun 2022, 12:52 IST
style scarf

We all must have those simple t-shirts or kurtas in our closets that look too simple. We always look for tips to style them in the best way possible and look our best. We experiment with our accessories, bottoms, hair, makeup, and much more. However, we still don’t get that perfect look. 

Fret not because we are here to tell you a simple way to take your basic outfit to the next level. Just put on a scarf and you are good to go. 

Let me tell you that just throwing a scarf over your outfit won’t do the trick. You need to style it well to stand out in the crowd and get all the compliments. 

So, here are some easy ways to style your scarf to take your plain and simple outfit to the next level. 

The Basic Way

basic style scarf

This one is the most basic way to style a scarf. Just put this stylish scarf from Dupatta Bazaar around your neck and make sure that one end is longer than the other. Now, take the longer end and loop it around your neck. This is a simple way to style your scarf but it looks gorgeous. 

It can work with western as well as ethnic outfits. Whether you are wearing a dress or a t-shirt or a kurta set, you can drape your scarf in this way and you are ready to step out in style. 

Add A Belt

belt style scarf

This is a simple way to put on a scarf and it looks extremely stylish. You just need to put your scarf from Dupatta Bazaar around the neck. Now, spread the scarf a bit. After this, secure it with a simple belt and you are ready. Make sure you to choose the right scarf and belt for your outfit so that it doesn’t look out of place. 

The Little Bow

bow style scarf

If you want to add a little fun element to your outfit, then this trick is amazing. Just put the scarf from Dupatta Bazaar around your neck and make a cute bow. Make sure the bow looks tidy and fluff it up a bit. You can use any scarf for this look but one with some funky prints would be great. 

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Loop & Tuck Trick

loop style scarf

This might seem tricky but it is really easy. Fold the scarf in half so that you have a loop. Now put it around your neck and pull the loose ends through the loop. Adjust it according to your comfort level and you will look lovely. Try this trick with any outfit and trust me, it’ll look gorgeous. 

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The Shrug

shrug style scarf

This might sound surprising but it is true, you can convert your scarf into a shrug. Start by folding it into half, then knot it where the ends met on the top. Let it loose from the bottom. Now, unfold the scarf and you’ll get two loops. Put your hands through the loops and you are good to go. 

Layer it over a simple t-shirt or a bodycon dress or even a kurta and you will look beautiful as well as trendy. 

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 Image Courtesy - Dupatta Bazaar

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