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6 Easy Style Tips To Wear Satin Sarees With Elegance

Here are some tips for styling your favourite satin saree elegantly.
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -22 Jul 2022, 12:02 ISTUpdated -22 Jul 2022, 13:07 IST
styling tips for satin saree

Satin sarees are beautiful as they radiate elegance and timeless beauty.  But if you're confused about how to style your satin sarees the right way, here are some useful tips that will not only help you to style your satin saree but accessorise it as well! Take a look:- 

1. Selecting Right Colour

Right Colour

Image Courtesy: Utsav Fashion

If you choose the right colour for the occasion you plan to wear the satin saree for, you will win half the battle. This will also depend on the time the event occurs; as a general rule, choose darker colours for events that take place in the evening or night. Purple and darker tones of blue are not only suitable for evening soirees, but winter events. If you want to wear it in the morning or are attending an event that lasts all day you can choose a bright blue, red, or pastel colour.

2. Right Blouse

Right Blouse

Image Courtesy: Ajio

The perfectly chosen blouse can enhance your look in a jiffy. If you want to wear a plain satin saree, you can either choose simple blouses or amp the drama with something embroidered or designer. Go for a blouse with cut-out details, or something backless, sleeveless, halter-neck, or with net sleeves.

There are many types of ready-made blouses that you can buy. But you can customise your blouse too for a unique touch. 

3. Gorgeous Jewellery

Gorgeous Jewellery

Image Courtesy: Lashkaraa

You can buy jewellery to match or contrast with any outfit, including sarees, kurtis, and lehengas with embroidery. If the occasion calls for it, you can always show off some of your priceless gold or silver jewellery. You can also experiment with statement jewellery, like nose rings, toe rings, armlets, bracelets, and jhumkas. If you choose to be more understated, though, you might go for some simple jewellery to match with your lovely satin saree.

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4. Bags & Footwear

Bags & Footwear

Depending on the style of the satin saree you are wearing, you can choose to carry a chic purse, a clutch, or a potli tote. The same holds with footwear. You can wear trendy juttis, flats or heels footwear (Heel Trends 2022: Latest Footwear Designs That You Must Own). Depending on your level of comfort, you can wear flats or high heels. Your satin saree appearance can make or break with the accessories you choose. So be sure to choose each saree item with care.

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5. Pins & Brooches

Pins & Brooches

Image Courtesy: Amazon

The pallu is often held in place by pins or brooches. Designer brooches or pins are frequently worn by social media influencers and celebrities. You can add extra glamour to your look with a brooch or pin. These small accessories come in different designs & shapes and you can choose the ones that compliment your saree.

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