As a millennial, how would you define your fashion choices? Probably, some of the statements would read like these: ‘I love it so I buy it’; ‘It must be trendy enough to express my individuality; ‘No brand can provide what small businesses and Instagram thrift stores can’; or ‘It should match my mood of the day’. So, taking into account the fact that the trends are rapidly changing and we do need to stay up to date with them. So, we spoke to Mr. Sai Ramamurthy, Founder, VROU who told us all about the millennial fashion trends and how they can be added to your wardrobe easily.

Millennial Fashion Guide

millenial fashion

Well, millennials, being the drivers of change, are gradually transforming the world into a better place. Every sector is slowly but surely adapting to the quirkiness of this Gen. Consider the fashion industry no exception. When it comes to choosing an outfit, they are very conscious about following the latest trends even if it comes to compromising on the comfort factor. Their style quotient goes beyond the attire and they like enhancing their overall appearance by accessorizing with trendy belts, scrunchies, quirky socks, and jewelry, be it bracelets for males or neckpieces for females. But ever since the pandemic outbreak, their relationship with apparel and fashion has transformed altogether.

Clothing In The Time Of The Pandemic 

Comfort is clearly in vogue since the global health crisis hit the world. To say the least, ever since last year, things have been quite demanding for everybody as the lockdown forced people to stay indoors. This brought numerous changes, including our choices in fashion. An increased interest in comfortability is on the rise with millennials keeping athleisure at the forefront.

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Casual clothes are becoming functional and athleisure is now being designed to look good even outside the gym. Hence, it can be said that the shift of trends is on the horizon. Due to the social distancing and WFH norms, they prefer comfy night wears too, but while heading out, they do wish to keep their fashion game on point. Hence, they prefer wearing complementary or contrasting masks with their attire. The trends hint that they have even started investing in masks chains to simply enhance their look. 

Millennials Follow Their Own Beat

millenial fashion  

It’s more likely that you would find millennials browsing apparel on their phone than in the mall. They prefer expressing their individuality by carefully curating their wardrobes themselves. Their style choices change at the drop of a hat so fashion brands are re-examining their approach to figure out what these shoppers want. However, nowadays, their choices are not just limited to brands anymore. They believe in experimenting when it comes to style. 

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Summing Up

millenial fashion

The world of fashion is finding newer trends day by day, and exponential changes are being made by social media and technology. One can only wonder what new styles and parameters millennials are going to set in the forthcoming years.

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So, get going and try millennial fashion right away! Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such pieces.