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A Guide To Different Types Of Camisoles

From pairing camisoles with jeans to wearing them under shirts, see the various types that women must own.
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -13 Jun 2022, 12:56 ISTUpdated -13 Jun 2022, 14:51 IST
camisoles to purchase

Camisoles are essential items in a woman’s closet. They are versatile pieces of clothing that one can wear under a shirt or don as a top. Initially, women had limited options when it came to finding the right camisole, but now, we’re spoilt for choice. 

In this article, we list the various types of camisoles available today. 

1. Silk Camisole

silk camisoles

Image Courtesy: Amazon.in

Silk camisoles are perfect as sleepwear because they spell comfort and luxury. 

Silk camisoles are also having a fashion moment with many women choosing to wear them during the day or as nightwear. Many women also style it with a blazer to wear to work.

2. Shapewear Camisole

Shapewear is another option for women looking to tuck their tummies. By hiding the bulge, it makes a woman feel confident in her skin. It is body hugging but does not have a gripping effect. 

Some shapewear camisoles just cover the waist, while others extend to the chest. Depending on the requirements of a woman, she can choose from the available options and pair them with a dress, traditional outfit or office wear. 

3. Camisole Bra

camisole bra

Image Courtesy: Amazon.in

The camisole bra is one of the inventions that has made the life of a woman easy. With other slips, a woman has to wear a bra to support her breasts. But with a camisole bra, women can just go about doing their business without experiencing any discomfort. The in-built bra supports the breast and offers a definition to the curves.

4. Casual Camisole

These are the most common camisoles worn by women. One can wear these slips under see-through couture. Since they are body-hugging, they define the shape of curves. 

In most cases, these slips are made of nylon and rayon fabric. It helps to keep the body comfortable during scorching heat. They are also ideal for layering with a shirt or dress.

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5. Lacy Camisole

lacy camisole

Image Courtesy: Amazon.in

Lacy camisoles are for days when you want to wear a top or dress with a plunging neckline but don’t want your boring cotton cami to peek through it. In fact, many women pair bright-coloured lacy camisoles with nude or beige-coloured tops. To amp up their style quotient, women can wear lacy camisoles like a top.

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6. Camisole Tops

Camisole tops are ideal for pairing with trousers and jeans (must-have jeans). They have a stringy back and plunging neckline and are generally shorter in length. 

Let us know in the Facebook comments which style you prefer the most. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such stories!


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