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    Best Hair Colours For Indian Skin Tone

    Colouring or getting your hair dyed is an absolute blast; so here is a list of the best hair dyes for Indian Skin tone.
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    Published -18 Oct 2021, 13:24 ISTUpdated -18 Oct 2021, 13:47 IST
    hair dye for indian skin

    Hair dyes are a fun way to enhance your features and make you look stunning. Hair colours and dyes are also an absolutely amazing medium of self expression. You can always try something simple first then start to dye your hair a new colour after you get bored of the first one! Just make sure to not dye your hair a lot in a short span of time because dying requires bleaching and toning which can ruin your hair if used a lot in a short duration again and again. 

    Finding the perfect colour for you depends a lot if your skin tone; warmer skin tone looks great with warm colours like brown, burgandy, warm blonde etc. whereas cool toned skin looks best with cool toned colours like icy blonde, ash blonde etc. It is hard to find the perfect colours for Indian skin but here we have a list of 5 hair colours which are great starter hair dyes for you. 

    Chocolate brown 

    chocolate brown

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    Chocolatey brown is one of the best colours for Indian skin tone. This colour is the colour which is like a gateway drug to getting addicted to dying your hair. This is actually one of the best starter hair colours given how muted, simple yet  stunning it is. 

    Given how warm toned chocolate brown is, it absolutely enhances the skin making it look glowing and ethereal. Chocolate brown can be later enhanced with extra brown highlights which will give your hair a textured look which is something you want since you want your hair to look lively. 



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    Yet another warm toned colour; Burgandy is a great colour for any Indian skin tone and is actually one of the most popular shades after blacks and bowns. If you want to try out something experimental and fun then burgandy is the colour for you. 

    Burgandy us such a youthful and exciting colour which will make you want to style your hair all the time. Burganday dyes, a lot like brown dyes; these stay for a longer duration than any pastel or fancy hair colour dye which is a big plus and nor do these dyes fade easily. 

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    Ash brown 

    Ash brown

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    Ash brown is a recent addition to the colour wheel for Indian skin tone. Ash brown is a lighter tone which looks beautiful on Indian skin. Ash brown is an ashy brown which has a mix of cool tones and warm tones. It is similar to the ashy hair trend with greyish black ashy hair. 

    You can always adjust the level of how light do you want your ashy brown hair to look. A darker ashy brown would look great on dark Indian skin whereas the lighter more cool toned one is absolutely ethereal on Indian fair skin tone.

    Caramel Blonde  

    Caramel Blonde

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    Caramel blonde is another colour Indians try on a lot. Though caramel blonde is a light colour its warm tones compliment the Indian skin making it look healthy and gleaming. Caramel blonde though is best on a mediam toned Indian skin colour but also looks stunning on darker tones too. 

    Mostly a caramel blonde is used a a highlight or an ombre but you can also do an amazing balayage technique which will give your hair so much texture and add life to them. Again you can always adjust the colour and try different things with it. 

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    Midnight Blue 

    Midnighgt Blue

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    Midnight blue is a dark cool toned colour but looks really badass and mysterious on Indian skin tone. If you want to head dive into colour first try the warm tones then once you are comfortable start to delve into a mix. Warm toned colours may be fun but midnight blue will make you feel like a powerful witch or a mysterious vampire. 

    You can add a bit of warm tone to it to make it look healthier but an inky dark midnight blue hair dye is just beautiful especially if you have long hair which you can style around. 


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