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Is The Cotton Lining In Your Underwear Causing Problems Down There?

Cotton is highly breathable and stretchable, making it the ideal underwear fabric for you!
why wear cotton panties

When looking for comfort and style, most women switch to cotton underwear. Being concerned about your vaginal health is a definite point to look into before switching panties. Here are some reasons you should shift to cotton panties! 

It’s Comfortable

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Without a doubt in our hearts, we can say cotton is the most comfortable fabric out there. Organic cotton makes the best set of underwear. It is soft on your vagina and is a durable fabric that lasts long. You can wear cotton panties for longer as compared to other panties. 

Cotton underwears allow your vagina to breathe and feel fresh on summer days. Cotton is a stretchable fabric that doesn’t restrict your vagina while you are doing something strenuous.

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Prevents Infection

Cotton is a hypoallergic fabric that is best suitable for women with sensitive skin. It is one of the safest fabrics in the market as it is free of chemicals that cause rashes or allergies in the long run. 

Your vagina is a sensitive organ and it is a breeding ground for yeast. pure organic cotton panties are an effective tool in preventing yeast growth in the vagina. Underwear with synthetic fabric, such as latex and polyester, can help in the growth of yeast because they store in heat and are not as breathable as other fabrics.

Synthetic materials are often restrictive due to the elasticity of the fabric and therefore they can trap more moisture and warmth. Pure organic cotton panties on the other hand are very breathable so in effect your vagina gets all the ventilation it needs to keep yeast from growing.

Prevents Build Up Of Odor

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Moisture getting trapped in your underwear often leads to the build-up of bacteria that causes odor. Synthetic fabric traps moisture and heat. With a heavy buildup of moisture and heat, you will experience odor. 

Pure organic cotton panties are your best choice to avoid odor build-up because not only is it more breathable but it also absorbs excess moisture leaving your vagina dry and free from any bacteria that cause odor. When the climate is hot wear, cotton panties to let your vagina breathe and you’ll notice right away that it no longer has that odor often associated with women’s private parts.

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Prevents Itching

Are you facing an itching problem in your vagina? It can be due to certain reasons. The most common reason for you to feel the itch is due to sexually transmitted diseases, making it important for you to pay a visit to your doctor. 

It can also be the result of other health issues such as contact dermatitis. But if the itch in your vagina does not fall under these factors, then chances are you’re wearing the wrong kind of panties.

Underwears made of cotton prevent itching because it keeps the vagina dry and free from moisture. The itch mostly develops when moisture and heat are trapped inside the vagina. Fabrics that are soaked heavily with chemicals can cause itching in vaginas due to contact dermatitis.

Added Protection During Periods 

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Knowing that the fabric has extreme absorbing power, makes it an ideal choice for your underwear type when having periods. Even though you have a layering of your sanitary pad, cotton will protect you from any spillage. Fabrics like lace and other synthetic fabrics do not have the tendency to absorb, even though cotton underwear does not guarantee the same. You can always choose to go for lesser damage if not being able to avoid it completely. 

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