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    Now You Can Save A Lot Of Money Every Month With These Smart Tips

    Worried about saving money every month? Are you not able to do any savings? If you are really confused about how to get started with it, we will help ...
    Published -24 Oct 2018, 12:56 ISTUpdated -24 Oct 2018, 13:40 IST
    save money every month with these  smart tips

    What is life without money? Today, we all our living a life in a rush, working hard each day to earn money. Expenses these days have sky rocketed and we wonder where do begin with the saving part. Saving your hard earned money is very important. When it comes saving money, you need to do it with a lot of discipline. You need to reach there step by step. As a woman, you know you need to have a bank of money that can be used for times when you really need it. You need to develop a simple plan for it. If you are really confused about how to get started with it, we will help you. Here are some saving tips for you:

    Know How Much You Spend

    saving money monthly

    The first step of framing out a money saving plan is knowing your expenses. From your household stuff like gas, groceries, rent to your shopping expenses, you need to write down everything down. This will be a wake-up call for you and you will actually get to know the difference between your earnings and expenses. 

    Frame A Budget

    Now when you know your expenses, you need to start working on a budget that you can practically follow. List down the monthly expenses that you can’t cut down on. Also list down if there is an expense that occurs every other month like car maintenance. Now with the left amount, fix an amount that you need for your personal use, like for shopping or travelling. 

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    Plan Your Savings

    make budget for monthly savings

    After you have your budget in your hand, start checking what all you can save. There will be an amount that you save out after crossing out all your expenses. This amount will act as your saving. Keep a small money bank with you where you can drop in money that you saved during day.

    Quick Saving Tips 

    money saving tips

    • Preserve as much energy as you can. This is one thing we all got to hear from our parents. Turn off the lights when leaving the room, save water while washing clothes. Try to save as much as you can. 
    • Shop very smartly. Keep a list of all the things that you need from the market. Make sure you buy only those things while you are at the shopping mart. This will save you from spending out in excess. If you are a splurge shopper, try limiting it to only a day in a month. Or you can shop for yourself in small bits to satisfy the shopper in you and saving some money along. Look for opportunities when your favoruite stuff is on sale or when portals are giving discount coupons online. 
    • If you are a foodie and spend tons of money on eating food outside every month then it is time you stop! Limit it to two or three days a month. Try cooking at home, watch recipes online and who knows; you may master the skill of cooking!
    • If you can’t do without travel, try going for a budget trip rather than a luxury one. You can opt going for a shorter trip rather than a longer one. Explore as much as you can in that trip. You will save a lot this way. 

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