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Kick-Start Your Food Venture Like This Chef

Chef Abhilasha Jain, who specialises in Rajathani cuisine, has crafted a niche space for herself in serving people with home cooked Marwari food.
  • Mohammad Ashraf
  • Her Zindagi Editorial
Published -22 Oct 2018, 13:30 ISTUpdated -20 Nov 2018, 11:50 IST
chef abhilasha jain main

Weekends are much busier for Abhilasha Jain, a chef by profession, who specialies in Rajasthani cuisine, is generally occupied with food orders. With ongoing festivities, this 42-year-old mother makes sure her deadlines are not missed. Needless to say, this is how a chef is born. It was a strong and passion driven feeling for her to decide what she wants to do in life. For her it all started at home. “While most of the girls of my age were busy playing, I used to spend most of my time in the kitchen, looking at my mother and grandmother cooking sumptuous meals,” she quoted. However, adding tadka was the most interesting part of cooking for her. “I used to wait dutifully for the chonk (tempering spice mix which is added at the end to intensify the flavour),” she gushed. This is why giving a perfect finesse to food is one of her latent talents.

abhilasha marwari thali inside

With an initial start-up, and some basic adverts on social media, this connoisseur of food, who received her first bulk order for 40 to 50 people, is now delivering in Gurgaon, Delhi and Ghaziabad. “It was all word of mouth advertising.” “I saw women doing activities on social sites making their food more accessible to people,” Mrs. Jain told.

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How to pick-up your start-up? Here’s how you can. It is crucial to understand the benefits and advantages of social platform for budding chefs. Get started!

abhilasha jain marwari dish inside

The USP defines you. One needs to be different to make yourself a saleable brand in the market and Abhilasha knows how to fix the platter right. “Spices such as turmeric, red chilli are grinded at home.” She further confirmed, “We refrain from using readymade products and rarely outsource depending on what needs to be ordered.” In all probability, this is the single most important factor, which is her unique selling proposition. Or you can say, real secret behind her finger-licking dishes, ‘Dal Bati Churma’ and ‘Gatte ki Subzi’ . Any form of cuisine is incomplete without desserts and she has many tricks up her sleeves. “I make Kaju Katli, Gujiya, and Peda using hundred percent natural products,” she said. What not to miss? Her ‘Dry Fruit Sandwich’ is one unique boon to calm your taste buds.

chef abhilasha jain sweets inside

In a society where men are equally taking charge in food and hospitality sector, this mother of a grown-up daughter, leading with passion and dedication for cooking. On being asked, is it men or women performing better at kitchen? “I feel both the genders are equally important, moreover one should have the passion to be a good chef,” she laughed. Hence, having the right amount of passion is the key element to outshine in whatever you cook. Isn’t it? For women who are on the same page and ideating to venture out something of their own.

Is it important for a chef to love every food? Not necessarily. She is not so fond of eating paneer but this little choice of habit does not stop her from cooking. There have been times when she is in a no-return situation and compelled to cook something that she would not really like to eat. Mind you, it would be a tough task for you to decide after tasting such flavourful dishes.

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