Music in general means something different to different people. It is not just a subject in our schools since the beginning but also a means to relax. Not everyone is blessed with an understanding of music but there is a reason why our parents and teachers would make us learn the assembly songs. More than just enjoyment, music inculcates values in us from the grassroot level besides the fact that it has some other benefits you may not be aware of. 

Kamakshi & Vishala Khurana, Co-founders of The Sound Space rolled out a few benefits for HerZindagi readers on why it is beneficial to opt for music education and not take the subject lightly.


music one

It helps to enhance the coordination between the left and right brain. This, in turn, helps in the quicker development of language skills, mathematical skills and hand-eye coordination. It helps to allow information to pass freely between both sides of the brain and benefit one's overall development. 


While learning an instrument or learning how to sing, one has to focus on various aspects like pitch, rhythm, language, posture and so on. Thus music education also helps to strengthen one's capacity to multitask. 

Listening Skills

It also helps to develop listening skills. This helps to further develop the auditory nerves of the brain, and to encourage better responses and communication.

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Music has always worked to enhance creativity and expression. Through music education, learners find themselves able to explore their artistic side and hone their abilities through singing, playing and writing.

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Social Skills

Creating music or performing always involves the development of social skills, waiting for one's turn and sounding like one. All these aspects help to enhance one's ability to work in a team and one's social skills.

A lot can be written about how music helps us as Indian cinema is popular just for that. The movies of the black and white era were dominated by classical music and dances and many actresses themselves would record their voices. If you feel movies is not what yoou are looking at, our religious events as well are all about music. The chants and deity or god-dedicated songs are the base many of us are taught be it any religion. 

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