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Food Items Which Should Never Be Stored In The Fridge

If you wish to keep your kitchen ingredients fresh and healthy for long, then follow these tips and never keep the below given items in the fridge.
  • Shivanshi Tomer
  • Editorial
Published -24 Aug 2020, 17:06 ISTUpdated -24 Aug 2020, 17:16 IST
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It is a common belief that keeping food items in the refrigerator can help in keeping them fresh for long. Low temperatures help in slowing down the activity of microorganisms and bacteria, which indeed keeps the food fresh. There are certain products which must never be kept in the fridge, if you wish to maintain their natural flavour. Here is a list of items which should always be stored outside to keep them garden-fresh. 


Honey has a long shelf-life and can stay pure when stored outside. There is no need to store it in the fridge, as keeping it in cold conditions can make it thick and crystalised. Store honey in an airtight container and you are good to go. 


Food items

Unripe tomatoes must always be stored out in the open. Cold temperatures in the fridge can prevent them from ripening. On the other hand, keeping them out at room temperature will allow them to develop their unique flavour and juiciness. Once ripe, you can easily keep it in the refrigerator to retain the freshness. 

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Dry Fruits

You might be storing your dry fruit boxes inside the fridge to prevent them from turning bad. The cold conditions can instead make them damp and change their nutty flavour. The best way to preserve nuts like cashews, almonds, raisins and pistas is by storing them in an airtight container and keeping them outside. 

Olive Oil 

Be it any kind of oil, avoid storing it in the refrigerator. Storing cooking oils in the refrigerator can solidify them and turn them into a butter-like consistency. You can safely store oils outside, in your kitchen cabinets or drawers. 


Food items

Storing your bread slices in the fridge can make it hard and chewy. Once opened, make sure you avoid keeping in the fridge. The cold and moist temperature inside the refrigerator may also make the bread go stale a lot quicker. 

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The only way onions thrive is by requiring air from the open conditions. Keeping them in the fridge can rob them off exposure and make them soggy. You can keep peeled or diced onions in the fridge, but keeping unpeeled onions outside is the best way to keep them fresh. 


Potatoes are another pantry staple which should never be refrigerated. The wet and cold conditions cause the starch to convert into sugar, which spoils its overall taste. Dampness can also lead to the discolouration of potatoes. Always store potatoes in a dry area, which prevents any exposure to light. 


Food items

According to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, storing watermelon or muskmelon in cold temperatures can have a bad effect on their nutrition value. Thus, it is best to keep uncut melons outside in the open to retain their nutrition. 


Bananas are meant to be stored at room temperatures to harness their ripening process. Keeping them in the fridge can make their skin go black, which can also hamper their overall flavour. 

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So, make sure you avoid keeping these items in the fridge to keep them fresh and healthy for long. 

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