The Maldives has become the hot spot for tourists again especially amid this pandemic. It is one of the few countries which have opened their doors and Indian for sure are flocking to this island. But one major question that irks Indians there is the food as many are fussy eaters. However, if you are open to trying new cuisines then you must give the Maldivian cuisine a try which is also known as Dhivehi cuisine. 

Maldivian cuisine is based on 3 main items and their derivatives: fish, coconuts and starches. Here is a list of some of these dishes which you must try. I have also mentioned how much these dishes generally cost at the restaurants there in Maldivian currency below each dish. The current conversion rate last checked on November 17 was 1 Maldivian Rufiyaa = 4.85 Indian rupee. It is subject to change so keep a track when you plan your trip at the time. 

Mas Huni

mas huni

This is a shredded smoked tuna dish which is served with a grated form of coconuts, onions and lemons. It is had for breakfast with roshi, their chapati. You can enjoy this meal at breakfast time for MVR 50 to MVR 250, depending upon the restaurant you choose. 

Bis Keemiya

bis keemiya

If you like samosas and spring rolls then you will love bis keemiya. This amazing snack is a baked pastry with hardboiled egg or tuna, sauteed and shredded cabbage and sliced onions. It is super cheap as it costs anything between MVR 2 to MVR 10. 


A basic food item of Maldives, this dish is a fragrant fish soup which is cooked in water and salt and served with chilli, onions, lime and rice. Depending upon the restaurant you hit, the soup can cost anything between MVR 50 to MVR 200. 


This a stuffed chapati which consists of coconut and tuna, flavoured with curry leaves and other spices. It is not very expensive as it costs anything between MVR 7 to MVR 50. 

Fried Yams 

fried yams

This island grows very few crops and one of them is yams. These are prepared like potato wedges and taste really good. This snack costs just MVR 10 - MVR 35. 

Maldivian Live Lobster

Okay, this dish is for the ones who can detach themselves especially when it comes to seafood. It is said that when you cook an alive lobster it has a unique taste and melts in the mouth. You can get this dish for anything between MVR 250 to MVR 400. 

Boshi Mashuni (Banana Flower Salad)

banana flower

This is a bit like salad and salsa made using shredded banana flowers and coconut. The flavour comes from turmeric, cumin, curry leaves, lime, Maldivian chilli and lime which gives it a tangy twist. This dish can cost you MVR 50 to MVR 100.

Reef Fish Cutlets

This fish cutlet is very popular here. It is enjoyed with tandoori masala and sides like chutney and coconut. Try this dish for MVR 300 To MVR 500

Saagu Bondibai


This dish is based on sabudana or tapioca pearls. It is a pudding which is made using warmed coconut milk, laced with condensed milk. It has the essence of rose and cardamom and one of the best vegetarian food items the Maldives has to offer. This dish costs something between MVR 200 - MVR 500. 

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These are some of the dishes that you can dry but there is a lot more out there so be open to trying something new. Some key points you must remember here includes the fact that Indian currency is not accepted here. Also, if you buy any food or beverage, you will be subject to a 10% service charge and a general sales tax of 6%. This can change depending upon the economy there so it is best to ask and check on the net when planning the trip. 

Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on cuisines of different places.