Kanpur is a vast and vibrant city located in Uttar Pradesh near the state’s capital. It is nestled on the bank of the holy river Ganges and has a rich history of its own.  It is believed that Kanpur was founded by king Hindu Singh of Sachendi in the year 1803 and was, at that time, known as Kanhpur. 

As we said, the city sings songs of its rich and deep history and cultural significance. Kanpur was known to be the industrial center and the military hub for the British, during their rule and it was because of this, that it was also called the ‘Manchester of The East’. So, if you happen to travel to this amazing place anytime soon then here are some things that you must attempt.

Visit The Historic Sites

kanpur central

The city has been glorified with still-standing historical structures of the British era. From the Kanpur Memorial Church that dates back to 1875, to the Kanpur Museum built by the British in honour of Edward VII, to the Harcourt Butler Technological University, the Lal Imli Wool Mill and even the Kanpur central station, all these structures are fine examples of British architecture that are definitely going to leave you spellbound.

The Ganga Barrage

ganga barrage

Ganga barrage is a dam built on the river Ganga, and also is one of the best spots in the city to relax, chill with friends and unwind while watching the sun setting below the horizon of the glimmering waves of the river.  You can also take a boat around here or just sit on the banks of the river letting the beauty of nature, sink in. This place also happens to be a great hub of fast food joints and people flock in here during evening.

The Banarasi Tea Stall

banarasi tea stall

Live the spirit of being a true ‘Kanpuriya’ by gulping the famous Banarasi chai wala’s chai.  The tea happens to be one of the city’s most delicious and amazing drinks specially prepared by the owners of this tea stall, with a layer of thick cream, perfect flavours, and a crispy biscuit to go with it. And you will definitely not be able to resist it if you try it once. Branches of the Banarsi Tea stall are located in Mall Road, Arya Nagar, and Motijheel and you can reach this famous spot easily by taking a cab or a  tempo, auto rickshaw, and manual rickshaw, depending on your proximity to the destination.

Kanpur’s Famous Kasta Kachaori And Aloo Sabzi

kasta kachaouri kanpur

Kasta Kachaori and Aloo Sabzi have been the staple food of the city and people of all ages love to munch on this crunchy dish all the time. This dish is popularly found on roadside stalls and small food outlets and there is absolute magic in its taste. One bite in, and you will fall in love with it instantly. The most famous places to look for kasta kachori are Phoolbagh, P-road, Motijheel and Mall Road.

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Shopper’s Hub- Naveen Market

Situated in the heart of the city, the Naveen market happens to be one of the largest markets in Kanpur. And as the locals suggest, there is nothing one can’t find here. From clothing to books, to footwear, makeup, home decor, and a lot more, there is everything in this vibrant and superbly colourful market. Apart from that, you can also enjoy snacks or baked goods from the street side stalls and at Kanpur’s best and oldest bakeries here.

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Thaggu Ke Laddu

thaggu ke laddu

Offering the best ever laddus, 'Thaggu Ke Laddu', founded in 1973, is a very renowned sweet shop originally started in Kanpur's Parade area with a few more branches around the city. Now running as a popular franchise, they have branches across leading locations in North India. When in Kanpur, you should not miss out on the chance of eating the mouth watering laddus prepared with the finest of ingredients and by the best of sweet makers.

Some Other Places To Check Out

kanpur ghnataghar

  • Blue World Theme Park
  • Japani Park, Motijheel
  • Cafes In Swaroop Nagar
  • Z Square Mall
  • Shiwala Market
  • Massacre Ghat
  • J.K Temple
  • Bithoor


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