Peeling, scraping, and cooking can be a task for some and the whole process does take a lor of time. Sometimes we store food to prepare a certain dish on the weekend but the problem that comes up is that it is not fresh anymore. So we here is a list of a few hacks that can actually make you feel and look like a pro and also save time.

Make Soggy Chips Crisp Again

In the monsoon, this can be a huge problem when the moisture sets into all crisp chips and biscuits. All you have to do is place a kitchen towel or a paper napkin on the plate. Put the chips on it and cover with another napkin. Switch on the microwave and heat the chips for 30 seconds. 

Make Half Fried Eggs

Egg white generally tends to flow and take any shape on the pan. To make it look neater, cut out a jar’s lid ring. Crack the egg in it after placing the ring on the pan. Cook until you know the shape is taken care of and then remove the ring. You can also use onion rings but then we can only use the super large ones. 

Egg Storage

egg storage

Eggs can become rotten when not used within a few days but there is a trick which can give them a longer shelf life. Just take some vegetable oil and smear it all over the eggs. Store then in the fridge and you are sorted. 

Extracting Lemon Juice

lemon juice

Extracting lemon juice was never so easy until we discovered this hack. All you have to do is pierce it with a toothpick and squeeze a little. This helps when you need just a few drops of it for your dish. You do not have to cut an entire lemon for it and then feel guilty when the rest of it becomes dry when placed in the fridge again. 

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Glass Bottle Storage

You place bottles horizontally in the fridge but they run here and there especially wine bottles. Don’t worry; there is a hack for that as well. Just place some paper tacks which keep our papers together, on the grill of the shelf and place the bottles on them. This creates a balance and stops them from rolling over.

Prevent Fish From Sticking To The Grill

In case you like grilled fish but every time you cook it yourself it sticks to the grill? Well, all you have to do is place some lemons on the grill first like a carpet and then arrange the fish on it. This will not just give your fish a delicate lemon flavour but will also prevent it from sticking to the surface. 

Dealing With A Cling Wrap

cling wrap

When we wrap food in the plastic wrap, it tends to curl up and stick to everything. Managing it can be an issue. So to avoid the problem, store the wrap roll in your fridge. It will not act out as much.

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Make Green Vegetables Look Green For Long

This one is a challenge as the green vegetables start losing their colour with time. So wash them well and let them dry properly. Then put them in plastic bags with a gush of air inside and tie them up quickly. This makes the green colour last longer. 

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